How to tell if that special guy likes you

How to tell if that special guy likes you

There is something in you that interests these people, but you don’t want to take another step without knowing exactly if that boy likes you, here are some tips

When we talk about love, something that is not established are the rules, each person feels, thinks and acts differently, but based on experiences, some signs can be determined to know if that special person likes you or not.

It may be that you have met a person at a party, someone introduced them to you, on a dating platform, there is something that attracts you, but maybe you don’t dare to go one step further because you don’t really know if they like you. all or not to that man.

You want to know if that special boy likes you and that it is not just a Don Juan game, these tips to analyze can help you know the direction that the relationship can take if they reach something more formal.

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How to know if that special boy likes you. Photo: Pixabay

Messages and calls

Today the internet and digital communication applications have become the most direct way of conquering, you will notice how he is the one who first sends you a message or a call and tries to make you feel close, waiting for an upcoming meeting.

Dedicates time to you

Not only does he do it at night, when there is an interest in something more serious, if he likes you he will think of you during the day, while doing his daily things, he knows that he can take a few minutes without excuses.

Does everything to see you smile

When people laugh, they show confidence and create a relaxed atmosphere, something that we look for in the people we love by our side, so we earn points with those who we like, making them smile with a joke or an unexpected action that makes it go wrong.

Show you respect

If this person wants something seriously, respect is the key, despite his desire on a first date he does not ask you for a kiss, he is courteous and respects your way of acting, what he tries is to know more about you, he likes you and he doesn’t want to lose you doing something inappropriate.

Includes you in plans

They begin to talk about their tastes, their activities, short-term or long-term projects in more than one, inviting you to try, questioning you for yours and showing empathy for who you are, your essence and without questioning.

Respect your space

In every relationship before or after the conquest, you have to understand that each one has his or her routine and that little by little they will get to know each other, they do not show pressure even though they like you and want to spend time with you, if they are together it does not do you feel uncomfortable.

Highlight qualities

The compliments and details are classic, when he really likes you you feel like these he does without exaggerating he tells you that he likes maybe your eyes, your smile, your way of being, he sees things in your way simpler than your appearance or way of dressing .

Looks at the little details

If he likes you, he will want to know the simplest things about you and will remember details of his talks that you think could go unnoticed from the color you like, the type of food, if you are a lover of sweet or salty things or things like the taste for it. day or night, in short, you notice them because it will surely surprise you when you least imagine it, if you have seen some of these things in that special person, dare to take another step.