Lourdes Munguía In Bikini, Asked To Do More Exercise

Lourdes Munguía In Bikini, Asked To Do More Exercise

Lourdes Munguía turned 60 years old and continues with a body of envy just like Maribel Guardia, one of her best friends in the entertainment industry

The famous actress, Lourdes Munguía, 60, posed in a two-piece swimsuit and Instagran followers did not hesitate to react immediately, some asked her to exercise more.

Munguía is one of the best friends of Maribel Guardia , who at 61 also has one of the best bodies in entertainment, but this time they wrote some unflattering comments to Lourdes.

"Very pretty but she needs to build a little muscle. I hope she doesn’t take it the wrong way," wrote one of Lourdes Munguía’s followers.

In the publication the actress wrote: Love life, because it is the only gift that is not given twice! Enjoy, which sparked the comments of thousands of his followers.

Lourdes Munguía in a swimsuit, they ask her to exercise more

Many made it clear that Lourdes Munguía is a classy woman and that with her swimsuit she looks beautiful, that she is a very pretty lady, but there were also others who asked her to exercise more.

It is not the first time that Lourdes Munguía shows off her swimsuits, which is undoubtedly to be applauded as she looks at her age, just in February she shared another photo that left her followers speechless and wrote: "If you love someone, tell them many hearts are broken by words that are not heard. "

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For her part, Maribel Guardia has also stolen sighs with her fitted Outfit and her unforgettable swimsuit that she published when 2021 began, which few have undoubtedly forgotten.

"With this I say goodbye to the beach, and I thank #God for being alive, when they told me that I had COVID I thought the worst, and it is that in truth at that moment you do not know what will happen to your life. Please. I’m finally going to #costarica to see my mom, and although I’m already negative, I’m not going to kiss or hug her until she’s vaccinated, please keep a healthy distance, and may God keep us in the palm of his hand to all. I love you very much "wrote Maribel Guardia at that time and more than 300 thousand of his followers reacted to his publication.

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