Meaning Of Asking You For A Secret Relationship This Is His Intention!

Meaning Of Asking You For A Secret Relationship This Is His Intention!

Love does not have to be hidden, if they have asked you to get involved in a secret relationship it is better that you know their true intentions.

Love is made to shout from the rooftops, that the whole world see how happy you are with your partner , but if you have agreed to have a secret relationship, you will have your reasons, only that it will be convenient for you to know what their intention is.

The meaning of being asked for a secret relationship does not have many positive sides, but if you agree to carry it out, then know well what you are exposing yourself to, since this is their intention!

Why does he want to hide from you? Why does he not want anyone to find out that you are his partner? These questions are necessary to ask yourself when he has asked you for a secret relationship, because he doubts his intention with you.

Secret relationship
If he asks you for a secret relationship, it is because he does not want anything serious with you. Photo: Freepik.

When you have fallen in love with a person, what you hope is to be reciprocated or reciprocated, that they start something formal and be able to show off that love to your friends or family, but sometimes all of that is truncated when they ask you to keep the relationship secret.

If he asks you for a secret relationship, be careful! It may be that he is only playing with you, that you are just a hobby and he does not really feel anything for you, he wants to have you close but only to have a good time.

Another of the meanings of secretly asking you for a relationship is that he is still not completely sure what he wants with you, so this way of relationship is like the time he wants to define what he feels.

You must be alert to such a proposition, since you cannot be the only one in his life and even already have a family and he is hiding it from you, you must investigate and know the person well, know what kind of interest he has for you.

If he asks you for a relationship in secret, he is only wasting your time, because he does not know what he really wants, he does not want to formalize anything, but he does not want you to leave his side, he is only becoming infatuated.

When the intentions are good and they are serious with you, that person will do everything in the best way, will try to take things well and make you feel important, as opposed to being asked for a relationship in secret.

You do not have to be anyone’s second choice, nor be hidden from your friends or family, it is best to face him and ask him for his reasons for this decision he has made and you do not fall into his entanglements.

Take into account that if you accept the proposal, all the time you will have to live under its shadow and act as if nothing happened or they did not know each other and that will only end up hurting you and you will be disappointed.

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