This Was The Attack On Paco Stanley And Why They Did It

This Was The Attack On Paco Stanley And Why They Did It

A day like today but 1999, they assassinated Paco Stanley and shocked the entertainment world

One of the most notorious crimes in Mexico is the one that occurred 21 years ago, on June 7, 1999, when some hitmen took the life of television host Paco Stanley. The terrible event took place in a restaurant in Mexico City.

Every June 7 the murder of the driver Paco Stanley is remembered , the generations who knew him remember him and there are always astonishes in the history of this sad story. There is so much talk about Stanley’s death that it became a trend on Twitter. It may interest you: Special tips to celebrate the wedding anniversary

That day Paco never imagined that leaving that restaurant they would take his life , according to information from the judicial part of the truck where Stanley received 36 bursts, the bullets penetrated the driver’s body and he ceased to exist, shocking all of Mexico . It may interest you: Angélica María confesses that she lived in an economic crisis VIDEO

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In the 90s the host #PacoStanley was among the public’s favorites. However at noon on June 7; 20 years after the attack, it is still not clear who were responsible �� #Photo: EL UNIVERSAL Archive

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Who was Paco Stanley?

He was the host of a program called "One after another" on TV Azteca, Paco Stanley joined this television house in 1998, in the program he was accompanied by one of his best friends, Mario Bezares.

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The change to TV Azteca occurred after Emilio Azcárraga Milmo passed away, things did not adjust from either party, there were some irremediable differences that he chose to go to the competition television.

This is what happened in the murder of Paco Stanley

June 7, 1999 was Monday, Stanley finished recording his program and went to eat at the restaurant "El Charco de las Ranas", he was not alone, he was accompanied by Bezares, the aide Paola Durante and the reporter Jorge Gil.

After tasting the sacred foods, Stanley never imagined that this would be the last of his life, when he finished they got into the Lincoln Navigator model 97 truck Stanley and Gil. According to the inquiries, Mario Bezares had received a phone call and went to the bathroom and Paola Durante stayed at the table.

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Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero. / "Paco Stanley" – (1942 – 1999.) #franciscojorgestanleyalbaitero #franciscostanley #pacostanley #stanley #pacatelas #unatrasotra #gallinazo #actormexicano #mexicanactor #recuerdosynostalgia #recuerdosynostalgiamx #rnmx #mexico #mx

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In a matter of minutes, a man approached the truck and shot Paco Stanley, unleashing a crime that to date is still conspired with various theories. An insurance agent died at the scene and his wife was seriously injured and Jorge Gil was wounded in the leg.

Paco was hit by three bullets in his body, but a fourth lodged in his skull. Paco died at the scene. One of the hypotheses that gained the most force was the one that linked the presenter with drug trafficking.

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We remember Mr. #PacoStanley 21 years after his death. The spontaneous, irreverent and witty much loved by his audience.

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The scandal was televised nationally and internationally, there was no talk of anything other than the murder of Stanley, of the theories that are used to answer the question that millions of Mexicans were asking was: Why did they assassinate Paco Stanley?

It is said that due to links with drug trafficking. As for Mario, it was said that he was in collusion and was rooted in a hotel in Mexico City on June 22, it was said that he intended to flee the country. And it was until September 2, 1999, when a formal prison order was issued against Bezares, Paola Durante, Erasmo Pérez Garnica alias "El Cholo", José Luis Rosendo Martínez and Jorge García Escandón.

As time passed, Mario regained his freedom and wrote a book called "My truth" in 2000. While the journalist left the media forever.

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