When the man you like your best friend likes

When the man you like your best friend likes

Perhaps it is one of the most difficult situations that you can face in the sentimental plan, what to do in one of these cases? Here we give you options

Friendship is one of the most invaluable things that a human being can possess, but when it is marred by some circumstance such as love, it is difficult to deal with the situation , as when you and your best friend like the same man. What can you do about it?

Confusion and not knowing what to do can lead you to make a bad decision , communication will be your most important weapon, but it could also get you in trouble, also, depending on what the man in question feels, it may be that the man feels attraction by you.

In that case, guilt could overwhelm you and make your friend angry, but if the situation is reversed and your friend is the prospect of that man, you will feel sad and may not want to keep that friendship, which will make you feel doubly wrong, what to do in this situation?

What to do when the man you like your best friend likes. Photo: Pexels

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Honesty above all . The greatest virtue that a friendship can have is honesty, so talking about how they feel about it will be key to maintaining their friendship and solving the dilemma, it will not be easy but trust that you have a strong friendship with that friend.

Feel the waters. If you see a suspicious situation with your friend’s behavior, you may need to think twice before telling her that you like the same man as her, the feelings that both may experience for a person could define the situation but also remember that it depends on the man.

What to do when the man you like your best friend likes. Photo: Pexels

Here between us . Do not let the conflict go by word of mouth, gossip can aggravate the situation and become a pitched battle where there are sides formed by your other friends and that is not what it is, the more private the matter, the better solution there will be.

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Keep the friendship . Above all, keep your friendship, remember that no matter how special the man in question is, it is not worth losing a friendship of years for someone you just met, although you should also take into account what attitude your friend takes with this situation, perhaps you discover someone you did not know.