Mathilda, Hanna De Haash’s Daughter Already Grew Up, Falling In Love In Tender Video

Mathilda, Hanna De Haash's Daughter Already Grew Up, Falling In Love In Tender Video

With just 3 months after the world arrived, Mathilda is already huge and is even beginning to commit her first antics with her aunt Ashley.

Although she has been extremely reserved with her motherhood, she has taken the time to share her joy with fans, that is why Ha * Ash’s own Hanna presumes that her daughter Mathilda has grown up and falls in love with a tender video.

Charming and smiling, this is how Mathilda, Hanna de Ha * Ash’s daughter, who has grown up and has stolen everyone’s hearts, falls in love starring in a tender video in which she shows that she already knows how to do mischief.

It was a great surprise that the followers of the talented performers took, because through their social networks they shared a tender video in which they show that Mathilda, the daughter of Hanna de Ha * Ash has already grown up and is beautiful.

You can see: Ashley from HaAsh shows off Hanna’s daughter Mathilda in a cute photo.

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At just three months old, Mathilda is already much more awake and has already begun to perform her first antics, as she has found a great adventure partner who helps her challenge her mother.

Through a video published by the successful duet’s Instagram account, they shared how little Mathilda is already very attentive to everything that happens in her environment and that she is also learning what her relatives teach her.

Only what Mathilda has learned is to do an innocent mischief, because her aunt Ashley has been responsible for teaching her to stick her tongue out, which she has learned perfectly, since she does it with a lot of fun and Hanna showed it.

Ashley took it upon herself all day to teach Mathilda how to stick her tongue out and now she finds it funny to do it all the time

In the video it is observed how Ashley teaches the little girl to stick her tongue out and in, she does it with pleasure and with laughter, in addition to that they entered into a most pleasant and charming babbling talk, Mathilda’s kicks did not could be missing.

But in addition to this tender video, two more photos were published where you can see the beautiful blue eyes that Hanna’s daughter has, who poses smiling for the camera, loves to smile, is very flirtatious and smiling.

The photos and the video enchanted even Carlos Rivera, who did not miss the opportunity to congratulate his friend Hanna for how beautiful her daughter is, "But what a beauty," the Tlaxcalans wrote in the publication.

Mathilda came to the world on June 3, who was the fruit of the immense love that exists between her mother Hanna Nicole and her father Juan Carlos Herrera, who married in 2016, her aunt Ashley was delighted since she knew she was coming.