This is what Naya Rivera was like before she was famous for her participation in Glee

This is what Naya Rivera was like before she was famous for her participation in Glee

Some videos are circulating where you can see the actress when she began her career and was little known

Last Wednesday, July 8, the middle of the show again dressed in mourning when the actress Naya Rivera disappeared on the Piru side where she was walking with her 4-year-old son. The minor was found safe and sound, however his mother was not.

After the long search for the body of the protagonist, some details of her life have been revealed, and some images were shown of how Naya Rivera was before she was famous for Glee.


It should be noted that the American actress of Puerto Rican descent became internationally famous thanks to her role as Santana Lopez in the musical "Glee." His most recent work was the series ‘Step Up: High Water’. He was 33 years old.

This was Naya Rivera before she became famous for her participation in Glee. Photo: AFP

His career

Her path to fame began in 2005, then she looked very different from how many remember her. An interview from that time has circulated where the actress did not imagine the impact that her character would have on music production nor that she would become a great inspiration for millions of people around the world.

Naya Rivera began her career on the series ‘The Royal Family’ from 1991 to 1992, but it was on ‘Glee’ that she achieved international recognition.

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A video from the past

A clip of the actress is circulating where she gave her first interviews to the most important media in the entertainment medium that in a short time became a trend. In it Rivera spoke a little about his character, Santana Lopez.

Naya said that all her life she wanted a job where she could express her art and ‘Glee’ offered her to act, sing and dance, a dream that in the end she could come true.

During that talk she had with E! News, Rivera asked people not to hate her, since during the first seasons Santana was practically the villain of the story.

Please don’t hate me, I really am a very kind person