Because of Paty Chapoy’s fault, Remmy Valenzuela leaves the Academy

Because of Paty Chapoy's fault, Remmy Valenzuela leaves the Academy

In La Academia there are already expelled, Remmy Valenzuela, the judge who represented the Mexican regional was the first to say goodbye.

Like every Sunday, last night another program of the most famous musical reality was presented, but the surprise occurred immediately when noticing the absence of one of the judges and it is said that because of Paty Chapoy Remmy Valenzuela is leaving La Academy.

Because of Paty Chapoy, Remmy Valenzuela leaves La Academia , as we must remember that in previous days both characters expressed their opinions about their work and they were not very positive words.

The reality show La Academia had seen the expulsion of the contestants, but not the judges, however, in last night’s presentation, Remmy Valenzuela was conspicuous by his absence from the judges’ table and speculation that Paty Chapoy had to look at this, they began to emerge.

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The interpreter of "My princess" raised hundreds of rumors, since last night he was not present as a judge of the Academy, in addition to that his image was withdrawn from the publicity of said program.

Immediately, there were users of social networks and viewers of the program who began to say that if Remmy Valenzuela had no longer been present as a judge it was because of Paty Chapoy and the confrontation they had days ago.

The native of Guasave, Sinaloa has not said anything about why he no longer appeared on the reality show, but where most points out is that there was no conformity for the singer’s performance as judge, in addition to having faced the journalist of shows Paty Chapoy, who has a lot of influence on the television channel.

Let us remember that Paty Chapoy, in the program she leads, said she did not know the career of the singer of the Mexican regional, so it seemed to her that her participation as a judge was unnecessary, since she did not contribute anything valuable.

For his part, the composer and singer did not remain silent in the face of the host’s criticism and replied that he did not know much about Paty Chapoy’s work either, that it was old-fashioned and that his comments mattered little to him.

Meanwhile, what is a fact is that the singer of "Mentiras" no longer appeared on last night’s broadcast, they are even looking for a fifth judge, who is now the public who decides, so the Mexican regional He has been left without a representative in said reality.

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It should be noted that Remmy Valenzuela has been the recipient of countless awards within the music industry in its genre and Paty Chapoy is recognized for her extensive career in the entertainment world.

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We hope that in the next few hours, the reason why they decided to withdraw Remmy Valenzuela from La Academia will be revealed, when the program is just beginning.

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