This is how Lucía Silvia Navarro was 18 years old, when she was a driver

This is how Lucía Silvia Navarro was 18 years old, when she was a driver

Although she has a long and successful career in acting, Silvia Navarro began her driving career in the program A la cachi cachi porra when she was only 18 years old.

Although her charisma, talent and enormous beauty have made her a heroine of soap operas , Silvia Navarro’s artistic career began in driving at the age of 18.

The actress has become one of the most respected and loved in the Mexican show business , where she has enjoyed an excellent career over 20 years. However, many have remembered how Silvia Navarro looked at 18 when she was a driver.

After two years away from the small screen, the actress is still considered one of the favorite faces of the public that causes emotion every time she appears on television. It should be noted that it has triumphed both on Televisa and on Tv Azteca.

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However, her brilliant career did not begin in the world of melodramas, but as a television host when she was just 18 years old. It has been her hard work and dedication that have placed her among the best in the industry.

The protagonist of soap operas such as When You Are Mía had her first steps on the small screen when she was only a child, first participating in commercials, however, her artistic career officially started when she appeared as a nice entertainer in the student game show A La Cachi Cachi Porra in 1997.

23 years have passed since the premiere as Navarro’s host, however the images still circulate on the Internet where you can see a beautiful, young and lively Silvia Navarro combed with two pigtails and a fringe, a look that differentiated her during the transmission of the show , which was a milestone in his long and successful career.

It was thanks to her charisma and development in A la Cachi Cachi Porra, which caused that the opportunities did not take long to arrive when the interpreter born in Guanajuato began to direct her career towards what she really wanted to do, that is, act.

Shortly after she became known as a host, in 1998, Silvia Navarro won the main role of the TV soap opera Azteca Perla, thus managing to star in melodramas from the beginning.

Later he would continue unstoppable making successful melodramas and becoming one of the brilliant stars of the Ajusco television station until he decided to switch to Televisa where he had the same acceptance