Jennifer Aniston Kissed Sandra Bullock On The Mouth

Jennifer Aniston Kissed Sandra Bullock On The Mouth

The moment was recorded in a YouTube video that at the moment has gone viral, here we share it with you

A fun moment that will undoubtedly prevail in our memory forever was the one starred by the actresses, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock, as Brad Pit’s ex-wife planted a kiss on the mouth of the protagonist of Bird Box in the middle of an interview. . The impact of the situation has been such that the issue has already gone viral among netizens.

It all happened while Brad Pitt’s ex-wife gave an interview as part of the promotion of his new film Dumplin, along with the singer, Dolly Parton. Everything was going normally, when suddenly Bullock appeared on the scene offering drinks, specifically margaritas, impersonating a waitress; just at that moment came the kiss that was recorded in a video circulating on YouTube.

The truth is that it is a moment full of humor that will undoubtedly help both of them to promote the promotion of their films, which are available on the Netflix platform.

It should be noted that Sandra Bullock is going through a peak moment in her career with the movie Bird Box, which is currently Netflix’s most popular premiere, so much so that the image of the scene she stars in blindfolded has been the subject of memes and much conservation issue on social media.

Even Netflix has already issued a statement asking people not to call #BirdBoxChallenge a viral challenge inspired by the movie.

The challenge is to do things with a blindfold emulating the character of Malorie, which is the one Sandra Bullock plays on the film, and then upload photos and videos of the event.

On the other hand, Aniston will take advantage of Dumplin as a way to appear again on the show scene, specifically to relaunch her acting career.

With this film, Jennifer is committed to regaining her reign as a comedy actress, in which she plays a thin and superficial former beauty queen who is worried about the weight of her teenage daughter who does not care what people think .

Everything changes when the girl falls in love and signs up for a beauty pageant in search of earning her mother’s respect.