The Irreverent Celia Lora Poses In A Wet T-shirt

The Irreverent Celia Lora Poses In A Wet T-shirt

In her Instagram account, Celia Lora published several photographs of her vacation in Tulún, however some stand out in which she poses in a wet shirt

Celia Lora, daughter of the legendary rocker, Alex Lora never stops talking when it comes to wasting sensuality. On this occasion, he caused great excitement among his Instagram followers by publishing a photo where he poses without a bra and with a wet shirt .

All her Celia Lora fans can enjoy the image in which the white t-shirt shows her nipples . The model’s outfit is completed with a daring black bikini, a jet of water falls on her that makes her look super sensual.

The always daring Celia Lora shirt draws attention not only for what it shows, but because it shows a challenging phrase: "My nipples offend you."

Celia Lora is 35 years old and it is precisely because of her vacation in Tulum that she has flaunted her curves in spectacular swimsuits.

The attractive girl has always called the spotlight, not only because of her sensuality, but because she has been the protagonist of several scandals. It should be remembered that precisely in 2010 he was the protagonist of a road incident, after he hit a pedestrian.

Celia has also shown her curves for Playboy Magazine, for which she has posed twice.

In addition, her sensuality is also worth to be the image of Hot Go, a streaming service related to the most important adult entertainment firms in the world.

There are several images without sesten and shirt shared by Lora; Today the first one adds 197,170 likes.

What is a fact is that Celia Lora knows well how to be a Playboy girl and take advantage of all her attributes, because in her photos, she not only wastes beauty, but also a lot of security.

Obviously she is one of those well established women who know what they want and love their body.

Recently another celebrity that "turned on" the networks was the singer Rihanna who showed off on Instagram her lingerie line that she will launch on the occasion of the Day of Love.