Gifts For Men They Deserve

Gifts For Men They Deserve

Any day the perfect date to give health, relaxation and beauty, treatments that always come in handy at any time and at any age

Just as you like details, men also like to feel pampered, so here we will give you a list of gifts for men that they deserve. The benefits of a good massage, aromatherapy or choosing a healthy menu are good gift options.

Revitalize the skin

If it is about revitalizing the skin and preventing signs of aging, in addition to achieving greater luminosity, the Cellfacial treatment for men from The Beauty Concept determines the age of the skin to start a precise treatment protocol "with a high concentration of cellular assets that adapt to the physiological age of the skin ”, comments Paz Torralba, director of The Beauty Concept.

Massage rituals also allow parents to sign up for a dose of relaxation this week without thinking about anything else.

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The Organic Spa’s Asian rituals offer over twenty organic massages and treatments on demand. Lomim-Lomi Hawaiian massage, shiatsu, reiki or traditional Tahi massage, are some of their proposals.

For those who are beginning to have a problem with hair loss, perhaps the best gift is a treatment to keep it vigorous. Dr. Óscar Junco proposes capillary injections based on platelet-rich plasma, "to fight against a problem that worries men so much".

"Although male alopecia tends to be based on genetic factors, there are other triggers, such as stress, some hormonal alterations or nutritional deficits," says the doctor, who proposes a surgical and "minimally invasive" treatment, with which ensures that in addition to stopping hair loss "it helps the growth of new hair."

Silvia Oliete, director of Blauceldona, proposes an anti-stress treatment focused on the eye contour, a section of the face that also worries men by concentrating the passage of time in a small space.

"The idea is to illuminate the gaze with an anti-stress treatment in an area where the first signs of age appear", says Oliete.

Cosmetics at home

To pamper those who prefer home treatments, Lycolé natural cosmetics, with a masculine serum with a powerful natural antioxidant that is extracted directly from the tomato, a perfect ally to combat aging.

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Despite the characteristics of male skin, apparently less sensitive than female, those who prefer to treat themselves at home can bet on the hydration provided by Colbert’s day protector that protects the skin from damage caused by the environment.

Pharmacist Diego Sarasketa assures that Endocare ampoules are "a must in the routine to revitalize men’s skin", as a formula to achieve a more youthful and luminous face.

A specific treatment for men who must take into account "that their skin has a higher amount of androgens than the female one, which causes a greater production of fat", which is why it recommends that men use male beauty products, "oil-free ”.

"The skin, in addition to being the first barrier against external aggressions, is a reflection of our health and therefore we must take care of ourselves and avoid premature photoaging caused by environmental aggressions, pollution and problems caused by excessive solar exposure without photoprotection. ”, Explains the expert.