The Biggest Insecurities That Kill Your Appearance

The Biggest Insecurities That Kill Your Appearance

If you as a man take to heart every negative thing they say to you, you will end up believing all that garbage and you will severely damage your self-esteem, so you have to learn to be more selective with your friends and your thoughts.

Everyone’s mind is very powerful, it can serve us for or against, depending on the quality of your thoughts and the way you perceive yourself, because if you consider that you are having some insecurities that do not let you get all your potential, then that will be what you are going to show in the outside world.

Since we were children we are full of innocence, and derived from that innocence is that we are happy, but as we grow older and we become more aware of our defects, which are further accentuated thanks to bad friends, our brain begins to believe what we they’re telling us, and that’s when our self-esteem collapses.

As the years go by we grow with those fears and insecurities, which obviously do not let us be completely happy, so being able to deprogram all the garbage that has been thrown into our mind becomes a difficult process to achieve, however , you need to smile again and be on the move. Next we are going to show you the biggest insecurities that are destroying your appearance.

The car you drive: Thanks to envy, many men who do not even have a car dare to have the nerve to criticize yours for being old or in poor condition, it can even make you feel bad in front of other people, but that only speaks bad of him, therefore, you should not feel sorry, on the contrary, be proud because surely better things will come.

Never feel less about your means of transport, many want what you have. Photo: Pexels

The number of women you have had: The difference between men who have been with few and with many women in intimacy is the way they walk, since those who are insecure are because they have not been able to be sentimentally with many Girls, however that is not a pretext to squander a lack of self-confidence, since you may have the same or better luck than those who have been with several, because neither one nor the other situation defines your destiny.

The physique you have: For a man who is overweight or too thin, insecurity is inevitable, since that makes us think that we are not worthy of a good girl, and if this is happening to you, you have no way around, you are going to have You have to push yourself to exercise and change your habits, but if you really want a real and drastic change, it’s time to see a nutritionist.

Feeling ugly: Sometimes what happens is that you do not feel that way, rather they have made you feel that way through bullying, they have told you so many times that you have ended up believing it, then you just compare yourself with other boys , and since there will always be someone who looks better than you, you are going to believe that the rumors were true and you are going to destroy your self-esteem unnecessarily, because for a woman, attractive guys are not only based on their physique .