Having high self-esteem will keep you from being with the wrong person

Having high self-esteem will keep you from being with the wrong person

Self-love will save you from conflictive, painful, complicated and heart-destroying relationships

They say that when you learn to love yourself, you give others the opportunity to do so and you take away the chances that they will hurt you.

In some cases we let others hurt our hearts because we do not feel deserving of a pure, sincere and true love and we allow ourselves to be influenced by bad people.

That is why having high self-esteem will prevent you from being hurt. Knowing how much you are worth will prevent them from humiliating you, criticizing your actions and ignoring your achievements. Remember that we all have flaws and virtues and just as you make mistakes, there are many things in you that make you a wonderful being.

Having high self-esteem will prevent you from being with the wrong person. Photo: Pexels

If you are not aware of that people will notice and take advantage of it. Or you yourself will believe that you do not deserve to be with a person who loves you and realizes how beautiful you are.

Sometimes some unpleasant situations, letting yourself be carried away by what the media and society impose, make us think that we are less than others. Something that only slowly destroys you. It is not a competition, no one is better or worse than anyone, what is certain is that we all have something that makes us special.

If you have been involved in conflictive relationships that have caused you pain, the fault has not been the other person, but yours that you have chosen to be next to the wrong beings and this is due to your low self-esteem.

It is time to love yourself, to show the world that you appreciate everything you are and are sure of everything you are worth. On your way through life you will meet people who will hurt you, but it is up to you that they do it.

Make a list of all the things they like about you and you may realize that not everyone has them, therefore you must learn to select with whom you are going to share them. That person like you must be special.

It will have to be someone who values ​​you, flatters you, fights to be by your side and shows you daily that he feels lucky to be by your side.