This is how Edith González fell in love with a married man, Santiago Creel

This is how Edith González fell in love with a married man, Santiago Creel

The actress Edith González lived an affair with the politician Santiago Creel even though he was married, that’s how she fell in love with him!

In the heart it is not commanded, love comes when you least expect it and even with the most inopportune person, that is how Edith González fell in love with a married man, Santiago Creel , her love was fleeting.

Celebrities are not spared from love affairs, the deceased actress was no exception, that is how Edith González fell in love with a married man, Santiago Creel , at that time the marital status did not matter.

This misfortune in her life caused her to be involved in the scandal, since Edith González fell in love with a married man, the politician Santiago Creel , although not everything was bad, since from there she obtained her greatest treasure, her daughter.

Edith gonzalez
Constanza was the fruit of the love between Edith González and Santiago Creel. Photo: Instagram.

For Edith González, love came unexpectedly and it was love at first sight, because this feeling caught her in 2003, at a congress on ecology, she was struck by a man she did not know.

It was Santiago Creel, who in that year served as Secretary of the Interior, the actress was delighted with the politician without knowing that he was a married man and that he could not establish a serious relationship with her.

Days after that congress, in June 2003, she and the politician Santiago Creel began to have contact. Edith González learned that he was a married man who had been married for 21 years to Beatriz Garza Ríos and also had three children; Santiago, María and Beatriz.

Even with the magnitude of the revelation, Santiago Creel’s deals were perfect for the actress, so they did not stop frequenting each other, however, he had to take care of his image, because he had political aspirations and could not allow his romance with Edith.

Edith González on one occasion stated that she fell in love with Santiago Creel because everything happened with great tact, he seduced her with beautiful words , in addition to being fascinated by his way of speaking.

He also confessed that he fell in love with Santiago Creel even though he was a married man, since he was sometimes shy with her , but if something caught the actress’s attention, it was his way of dancing from the politician, she would teach him to improve his steps in track.

The sneaking outings of Edith González and Santiago Creel were complicated, since in 2004 Edith González uncovered her pregnancy at three months of gestation, so the news was not well received by the politician.

But the media did not know at the time who was the father of the baby the actress was expecting, since she only revealed that her sentimental partner was a professional and her private life should remain very private.

There was no separation as such, as Edith confessed years later that Santiago Creel never neglected her during pregnancy or after the baby was born, but it was known that the politician refused to give his surname to the fruit of his love for taking care of your image.

Constanza came to the life of the actress on August 17, 2004 and said that although it was not a planned baby, it was accepted and desired by her and by Santiago Creel, who four years later decided to give her daughter her last name.

Years later, fate put them on different paths and Edith Gonzáez found love again with the economist Lorenzo Lazo Margáin, who married in 2010, leaving Santiago Creel in the past, the only thing that united them was their daughter Constanza.

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