Sara Maldonado Exposes Her Unfaithful Boyfriend And Looks For The Woman

Sara Maldonado Exposes Her Unfaithful Boyfriend And Looks For The Woman

The 40-year-old actress, Sara Maldonado, is the cause of controversy, exposing her partner’s infidelity on social networks while she is locked up for having covid-19

Great scandal that has been unleashed in social networks, after actress Sara Maldonado used her Instagram account to expose her unfaithful partner who got involved with a woman while she has covid-19.

With obvious courage, Sara Maldonado exposed the infidelity of Juan Sebastian Avila, whom she called "ex" today after learning of the deception, incredibly asks the woman to show her face and seeks help to know her real name.

Maldonado is at home recovering from the coronavirus and sadly also brought to light that a few weeks ago she lost a baby from her boyfriend, going through a painful process in the hospital and that he left her alone when he decided to go to work.

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Sara Maldonado exposes her unfaithful boyfriend and LOOKS for the woman. Photo: Instagram

Each message was raised in tone, exposing her fury and evident anger at the situation, being a public figure she did not care what they thought of her, she only wanted to know what she was going through.

"Help! Last night my ex @ juan.sebastian.avila fucked a whore in Tulum. Obvious you want to protect your identity, any information will be appreciated. Obviously this old woman knew she had a girlfriend and it was worth it. Pd: I at home locked up by Covid, "wrote Sara.

This is undoubtedly a revenge for his partner, who he says justified the action of infidelity since he ingested an illicit substance, "He says his name is Andi, let’s see p ** a, come out and face!", He emphasized.

Photo: Instagram

Just a few weeks ago, the actress in productions such as Storm in Paradise, Camelia La Texana and Los Elegido wrote in a publication "The only thing I know is true is that everything is uncertain."

“And they will say that I’m wrong doing this, but I’m wrong for what @ juan.sebastian.avila did last night fucking a girl according to him named Andi (…) Sorry for unloading my courage here, but it’s not worth it someone who gave him all your love, came to do something like that in such a vulnerable moment. Thank you for your hatred @ juan.sebastian.avila ”he finished his stories.

Immediately these publications were exposed on portals and social networks worrying about the situation Sara Maldonado is going through, as you know in a fit of anger you can do things that you later regret.