Marimar Vega Lost A Baby Reveals How He Marked Her Forever

Marimar Vega Lost A Baby Reveals How He Marked Her Forever

Marimar had a husband and for the first time she confesses that she lost a baby in that relationship while talking with Rossana Nájera who revealed that she had lost three

She has stood out as a great actress at 36 years old, despite everything having a full life, she currently has an affair with the actor Horacio Pancheri and many wonder why she has not been a mother.

This comes from the fact that she is older than her sister Zuria Vega, who at 31 is the mother of two beautiful little ones and is happily married. Marimar had a husband and for the first time confesses that she lost a baby in that relationship.

Actor Luis Ernesto Franco was Mrimar Vega’s husband for three years and although they seemed to be very happy, they divorced in 2018; Through her instagram account she did a live with her friend Rossana Nájera and there she revealed that she lost a baby that forever marked her desire to be a mother.

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Marimar Vega lost a baby that marked her forever. Photo: Instagram

Does your value as a woman lie in motherhood? It was the title that the conversation between these two great women and friends would carry, who mainly opened their hearts by telling things about their lives that few people knew.

“I know it’s 36 years old, it’s not like I’m 20 and I have to keep doubting, but hey, at the time when I got married I contemplated it (being a mother), I tried, then I lost a baby. That is another thing, that everyone loses babies and does not dare to talk about it, then I got divorced and decided that I did not want to have children, "he explained.

This is something that she had not talked about and that led her to make the decision not to be a mother for the moment and more considering that she wanted to do it within a family nucleus, therefore being a single mother is not yet in her plans.

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Thank you @rossananf for sharing your experience I love you ��

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Marimar Vega revealed that being a mother also goes hand in hand with age, so she decided to freeze her eggs, something that happened after the last birth of her nephew of whom she witnessed the delivery and it was moving, but it did affect her.

“It conflicted me a lot, as if it was wrong to be the aunt taking the video, so I went to therapy too, it gave me like a post-partum-depression from Zuria, regarding my frozen eggs, I cried and cried. Then I began to arrange it like this: ‘If at some point I am Aunt Marimar and that’s it, that’s fine, "he revealed.

Rossana Nájera revealed the loss of three babies

The story of the actress Rossana Nájera was extremely valuable since it opened to tell a situation that perhaps many go through but few dare to reveal it since it is a long process until making the decision to never be a mother despite that illusion since I was a child.

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Today I turn one more year … They are already a lot! At least enough to know how lucky I am, because I still have healthy, strong, and loving parents. To Guille, my brother who teaches me every day the freedom to live happily without pretense, just doing what really fills you with fulfillment … I’m on the right track Guille! Fortunate because I have by my side great teachers of life, brothers or FRIENDS (for me it is almost the same), without a doubt I have been touched by the best! Life does not stop sending me wonderful beings to achieve the perfect tribe! Grateful for doing what I love, for being able to continue traveling, falling in love with the world, with every wonderful corner of this planet earth … And almost always hand in hand with the best travel and life companion! Thank you my love for making my day to day happier !!! And THANKS to each of you who read this, who allow me to share my passion and my happiness with you! THANK YOU ❤️ One More Year !!! I’m sure it will be the best of my life!

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She is currently 40 years old and said that she lost three babies, which led to dizziness, disgust and everything that was worth it for her but in the end it was not achieved, until some studies revealed why it was difficult to conceive a baby.

Today she has overcome all this after having gone through a long journey of decision, acceptance, of facing her ideas and others to finally realize that deciding not to be a mother does not make you less of a woman, the talk was very pleasant and surely to more than one woman will do.