They assure Lety Calderón made Lipo and changed breast implants

They assure Lety Calderón made Lipo and changed breast implants

An entertainment magazine assured that Leticia Calderón took advantage of the fact that she was hospitalized to do some cosmetic adjustments, a back liposuction and a change of implants

A few days ago, the fans of Leticia Calderón were shocked when the actress had to be operated on by stones in the gallbladder, a situation that worried her a lot, to such an extent that she thought she could lose her life and even commissioned the most precious you have: your children.

It was last October 5, when it was learned that the 53-year-old actress was hospitalized, due to her gallbladder operation, however everything seems to indicate that the protagonist of Esmeralda took advantage of the fact that she was already in the hospital to get a liposculpture and changed the breast implants to larger ones.

According to the entertainment magazine TvNotas, although many people were alarmed because they did not know what was happening, since the actress did not notify anyone that she had a scheduled gallbladder surgery, the reality is that it was not only that. .

Leticia Calderón. Photo: Instagram

As indicated in said publication, the actress took advantage of the fact that she would already be hospitalized and with free time to undergo two cosmetic procedures: a back liposuction to remove the side love handles and she changed the breast implants that she had put in several years ago for more modern ones. and big. Although the procedures were not life-threatening, she did leave the clinic a bit swollen and sore.

You could read that the actress was one more victim of the pandemic in terms of lifestyle, since spending so much time at home caused her to gain weight, which was reflected in the love handles that formed in her body. So he thought that as soon as he had time he would have surgery to regain his figure, something he could do now.

With regard to the breasts, it is said that it was more by medical recommendation, since the implants had completed their cycle and the change was necessary. Although they also assured that the increase was not much, since it went from 200 ml to 250 ml implants.

It should be noted that Lety is 53 years old and has two adolescent children, but she is still well preserved, only that she has decided to do these mini-reglites to look and feel good, comfortable and safe on television.

The back liposuction that the actress would have undergone is performed on patients with lipodystrophies (fat rolls) starting from the upper back. To carry it out, small incisions are made along the back to introduce a laser that melts the excess fat. Once this fat is melted, water is used to remove the residues and the skin returns to its natural state.

With regard to implants, they must be changed every time the specialist indicates it, usually every 10 years, to avoid health complications.