5 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Your Girlfriend

5 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Your Girlfriend

Being in love with a girl does not mean that that person is either yours or that they should act as you want, so be very careful with what you say because it may have an unwanted effect on you.

On many occasions it happens that we ourselves ruin a relationship because of something bad that we said, either with intention or without intention, but the point is that we did something wrong and everything went overboard, so so that this does not happen to you. , we will present you 5 very common mistakes that men make with their crush.

Normally, people get very nervous when we are at the point of conquest, so there is a great probability that these nerves will betray us and we will say or do things that we do not want, thus damaging a possible relationship in the future.

The first appointments you have are very important, and it is a crucial point where you must take great care of everything that happens, practically even the smallest detail will be under supervision at that time, and it is necessary to act with caution to leave a good taste in your mouth and open up the possibilities of a next meeting.

Stare: When you like that person so much that you cannot stop looking at them and admiring them, you can make them feel uncomfortable, since a fixed stare can be interpreted as a type of harassment or intimidation, and far from attracting them you will make them want to to March.

Avoid going too fast. Photo: Pexels

Advance your feelings: Even if that girl is also in love with you, you will make a mistake if you confess your feelings too soon, since women are more dreamy and do not like such a dry proposal, they prefer that little by little you flirt with them , and at the appropriate moment you declare your love to them, they want a well-armed love story.

Do not get obsessed: If right off the bat you go to review her profile and you check from the first photograph she uploaded to the most recent one, it is likely that she is anticipating the events and discovers you through applications that notify you in time and form when someone has entered your profile, or worse, you may miss a like or something else, so be very careful.

Do not harass her: Even if you already have the number of your crush, logic indicates that you have to talk to her, but if you harass her with too many messages, you will be left in the position of someone very needy, it can also happen that you despair if she does not answer you with the speed that you want and there you can travel badly, and if that were not enough, you should never be the only one to start with a talk, remember that interest must be shown by both.