Warning Signs To Consider Before A First Date

Warning Signs To Consider Before A First Date

Before a first date, you must first identify a series of signs that can prevent you from a bad move

Being in the search for true love is a challenge, the true prince is not always the first candidate, and you have to search and search; But since behind the monitor it only allows you to judge by appearances, there is nothing better than being on a date, however, there are red flags that you should consider before having it.

It is impossible to guess if on the first date everything will flow well, you definitely have to dare to know it, because it is very easy for everything to sound perfect at first, yet there are signs that you can detect just in time and that can put you in alert, those signs that can warn you that instead of giving it a try, it would be best not to, and you should listen to them.

In love it is very common to talk about signs, but not all of them are good, some warn you of things that can prevent you from bad tastes, such as this case, in which you should not always launch yourself to give someone a chance, it is better be vigilant and make the right decision.

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1. Bad communication

From the chat you can find out much more than you think, and it is enough to check something as simple as communication, when it does not flow properly or "sounds" too sharp, it is best not to try, since it is directly showing that there is no interest , and you can say otherwise, but stocks are the ones that carry the most weight.

Disappointing warning signs. Photo: Pixabay

2. Dating doesn’t flow

As much as you are direct with him, if they plan an appointment but a specific date or place is never defined, and they always give you long, it is obvious that there is no interest, except for a special case, but that you will have to find out later or Ask it directly, because on many occasions we can make ideas in our heads that are wrong.

3. Inappropriate postings

You can check their social networks and get an idea of ​​who they are, there you can find something about their tastes, interests and ways of thinking, check and analyze the photos that they upload, the comments they make, how they express themselves etc. Although we all manage a profile where we "sell" ourselves in a better way, you can clearly detect key points that can put you on alert.

4. Raised messages

If you are not on the same page as him, and his messages are uncomfortable for you, it is better not to take another step. From this point you can clearly notice their intentions, and the way of flirting should not be given in this way, therefore it is better that you be blunt and avoid going any further.

5. You don’t know what you want

It is not always clear what you want, but if at the moment of the conversation you express it directly, it is a fact that the rest will not flow properly, better not waste your time and Next!