Feel that you deserve and do not get tired late or early

Feel that you deserve and do not get tired late or early

It costs so much to let go of what you idealized one day, but believe me it is the best when they have hurt you more than they have given you good times

Have you ever felt that in your relationship with your partner you are the one who loves the most for both of you? As much as you fight to keep your relationship healthy and happy, does nothing change and everything becomes increasingly gray? Set your alarms, something strange may be going on.

Love is such a wonderful and unique feeling that it makes us achieve unimaginable things with our partner, feeling that we can do everything with that person makes us so vulnerable, that it can become a red light and a danger if you are the only one who demonstrates with acts rather than words his love in the relationship.

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In some way or another, no matter how much you blind yourself and try to excuse your partner thinking that it is just a bad day for him or her, that tomorrow things will remain the same, that it will change etc, it will be of no use if your partner does not reflect what is failing in the relationship.

Feel that you deserve and do not get tired sooner or later. Photo: unsplash

It is worth mentioning that the basis for a healthy relationship will always be communication, it may happen that your partner is really going through something hard and prefers not to tell you for whatever reason that crosses his mind and he is not necessarily ceasing to love you, remember also that Each head is a world and there are people who, just as they can have love acts occasionally, can also be cold when something bad happens to them.

That is when no one else is responsible for resolving the differences more than the two of you and communicating in the best way, knowing how to understand and know each other, and if your relationship is solid with much more reason there should be no secrets between the two.

If you give and do not receive, you should reflect on whether you can actually still rescue your relationship with your partner and if not, and the signs are very clear to you, because each one only knows what is behind their relationship and knows their partner, and speaking Of women very rarely our instincts fail when something is wrong. Do not wait for things to change if your same partner makes you feel less or unhappy, it is best to move away from their paths and start letting go of that person who does not generate the happiness that they gave you at the beginning of the romance.

If you don’t value yourself, who will do it for you?

There is nothing wrong with waiting for reciprocity, many times since we were little they mentioned the phrase "Give and do not expect to receive anything in return". But not in all situations that phrase remains. Who of us is willing to put up with secrets, who ignore us, lie, belittle, humiliate us, are unfaithful and even sometimes go to physical violence, if we act in good faith, we fight for that beautiful relationship that started a while ago, we see for our partners, for their welfare etc … No one would bear it.

Love is freedom to be who you are.

It is very important that you more than anyone feel comfortable with that person, because if you do not receive that love that you expect, leaving the expectations aside of an ideal man or woman, because nobody is perfect, it can harm you to such a degree that you sink into depression since you are not happy.

Don’t settle for how little they can give you. You are not forced to stay when you no longer feel comfortable. Love begins with oneself, happiness is born from you to be shared with someone else, nobody owns you, living a relationship is expecting the best from the other, each one must do their part to make the relationship work and make it a beautiful and healthy relationship, become a team, support, demonstrate the love and loyalty that one has for the other.

Remember every day that the only person who deserves you is the one who, having the freedom to choose, approaches you, loves you, values ​​you and dedicates their time and thoughts to you.

"Nobody that makes you feel bad deserves you"