Ariadne Díaz And Marcus Ornellas Very In Love On Their Honeymoon

Ariadne Díaz And Marcus Ornellas Very In Love On Their Honeymoon

The happy couple of actors Ariadne Díaz and Marcus Ornellas had to cancel their wedding, but that did not stop them from enjoying their honeymoon.

Their relationship has been one of the most strengthened in the medium, Ariadne Díaz and Marcus Ornellas, very much in love, boast their honeymoon to which they decided to escape without their son, they are living it to the fullest, because they exude enthusiasm when being together.

Through their Instagram accounts they have shown the good chemistry and how great they are having on their honeymoon, Ariadne Díaz and Marcus Ornellas are more in love than ever, so they decided to close 2020 in this way.

Ariadne Díaz and Marcus Ornellas are characterized by having a beautiful relationship, they make jokes and in addition to being a couple, they are the best of friends, they have shown this with their photos that they have shared from their honeymoon.

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2020 will not be so bad for Ariadne Díaz and Marcus Ornellas, as they have decided not to stop their honeymoon and went on a trip together without little Diego, this after their wedding had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

The famous couple were willing to swear eternal love at a big wedding this year, but like many, their dream of marriage was postponed due to the health emergency that the world is going through, but they did not want to let the moon pass by. honey.

They skipped the ceremony and decided to take their honeymoon before the end of 2020, the happy couple took suitcases and boarded a plane that took them to their destination, alone without their son, the actors enjoy these well-deserved vacations.

Although the destination they chose for their honeymoon is not known, Ariadne Díaz and Marcus Ornellas shared a series of photographs on their Instagram profile where they look more than happy and with very warm clothes, jacket and hat, so it is surely a place of freezing temperature.

In her photographs, the actress from "La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo" uses the ht #HoneyMoonMood to show off to her followers how much fun she is having away from the routine and just enjoying the company of actor Marcus Ornellas.

Between kisses, hugs, displays of affection and huge smiles, it is how they have lived their honeymoon, for a reason they are one of the couples to whom a great future is predicted, in addition to having formed an incredible family.

We are going for six years, the first time that you and I go to honeymoon alone after Diego was born, is it cannon, right? … The truth is that we love being parents, but we are so happy to be alone

Since they boarded the plane, the couple has been most in love and they have not stopped dedicating messages of love in each story or photograph they share, they are an example of love and complicity that their followers applaud.

More than a year ago Marcus Ornellas gave Ariadne Díaz the engagement ring, everything was ready for the big wedding, even the actress already had the dress, but everything had to be canceled and now they are waiting to fulfill their dream to get married, but while enjoying their early honeymoon.