Sebastián Rulli And Angelique Boyer: An Exemplary Love And Like Few

Sebastián Rulli And Angelique Boyer: An Exemplary Love And Like Few

Once again, the famous couple wasted love on Instagram, they showed that they are the perfect complement and that they were born for each other.

They are one of the most solid courtships in the world of show business , they have lasted longer together than any forecast bet for them, Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer have an exemplary love and like few , without a doubt, they are a couple of 10.

Complicity, trust, respect and fidelity, is what both have found in their relationship, Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer have an exemplary love and like few others, that is why they have become the goal courtship that many would like to have.

Their love continues to be presumed in social networks and interviews, they have been kept in the spotlight, but not because of gossip, but because of the passionate relationship they maintain, they have written a unique romantic story to which many more years are predicted.

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Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer: An exemplary love and like few others. Photo: Instagram.

Within the middle of the show business, stories of romance are heard at every moment, but of short duration, infidelities, divorces, which show us that there is only one step from hatred to love, but with Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer another is the story .

Well, this couple is one of the ones that have lasted the longest together, showing that true love does exist, so they do not miss the opportunity to express their love and everything they both feel for each other, they have managed to keep solid and united over the years.

That is why they do not miss an opportunity to express their love on social networks, as Sebastián Rulli has recently done on his Instagram profile, where he shared a snapshot with his beloved girlfriend enjoying a pleasant time in the pool.

Love is the closest thing to magic that we have. Keep believing in love and magic because they do exist

Of course, Angelique Boyer did not take long to respond to the actor’s publication with equally romantic words, telling him that without a doubt it is the love of his life and the reason for his existence, they really adore each other.

Sweetie I love you very much and so beautiful, I want the best for you always. Thank you for the magic that you are in my life

The dreamy love story of Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli

Their love story supports them for a little over 6 years together and it is a soap opera story, they went from fiction to reality, since both had shared a script in the soap opera "Teresa" in 2010, that’s where they met.

But at that time, both had a relationship, Sebastián Rulli was with Cecilia Galliano, with whom he had a son, while Angelique Boyer was involved with José Alberto "El Güero" Castro, a relationship that she does not like to talk about.

However, love came to them when fate brought them together again in the melodrama "What life stole from me", there Cupid did his job by shooting them, being in September 2014 when the Argentine heartthrob and the French woman made their romance formal.

Boyfriends and best friends with complicity, the couple has known how to connect very well with each other, because very often they are seen making jokes and laughing with their jokes or adventures, just as they do with their Tik Tok videos as a couple, they both know have great fun with your company.