Evaluna Shows Off Camilo’s Body She’s Not Jealous!

Evaluna Shows Off Camilo's Body She's Not Jealous!

One of the most beloved couples in the artistic world, Evaluna shows that she is not jealous of her husband and even shows off her body

Evaluna Montaner, 22, and singer Camilo Echeverry, 25, form one of the most beloved couples in the artistic milieu who came together before God in February and since then have shown how true love exists.

If there is one thing they demonstrate is great connection, trust and respect , Evaluna is not a jealous woman, so she does not mind showing off to her shirtless husband showing her marked abs while training at home.

They met in 2014 but until the following year their relationship came to light and since then it is love that prevails in them, "Perfect" is what it is for Camilo Evaluna and for her he is her ideal man, the love of her life.

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Evaluna shows off Camilo’s body. She’s not jealous! Photo: Instagram

During this quarantine due to the pandemic, the entire Montaner family has spent something at home that does not bother them since they are quite close, Camilo took advantage of these days to train and his body already shows great changes.

Evaluna has a tiny but very stylized body and both of them simply do not stop throwing themselves compliments, tribe is what they call their followers and she posted a photo of her husband adding "you’re welcome" implying that she was sending them a gift.

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Tribe … You’re welcome. ��

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Recently Camilo gave one more token of love for his wife, he tattooed his name next to her ribs showing that he wanted to have her by his side forever, Ricardo Montaner for Eva recognized this act and wrote:

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My God. What have I done to deserve this perfect way of waking up every day? ������

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"This boy loves you … I only have a tatoo, right on the" Achilles heel "with your mommy’s name … I put it there because she is my Achilles heel … tattoo the person’s name beloved, it is a demonstration of transcendental love … ”, he highlighted.

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Stick with whoever gets your name tattooed. ��

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Camilo also takes photos of his wife and definitely presumes them, his eyes see beyond that a perfect body, they simply want to shout out to the rooftops how proud it is to have a person who complements them in every way by their side.