What Do Leg Caresses Mean

What Do Leg Caresses Mean

We will tell you what the caresses on the legs mean, which are obviously directly related to the closest relationship with your partner

What leg strokes mean: Body language reveals people’s thoughts and intentions. Thus, touching an area of ​​the body of another person can mean anything from a simple friendly or trusting gesture, to something deeper.

The caresses on the legs are something closer and are never compared to a touch on the hand or the face (we also tell you its meaning). When he strokes the leg, and even higher, it is clear what his intentions are, as based on body language, it is one of the first movements people make to get closer and start the bedtime foreplay.

If he’s subtle and brief, it could mean he’s willing to try something with you. However, it is important to be alert , since, from now on, and if you accept a first touch, the situation is likely to advance.

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Be careful, it also depends on each person, since there are some who, due to their personality, are more outgoing and in reality, they do not have anything loving but purely intimate in mind, a pleasure that you can share if you like it and also want it.

Remember that consent is everything, and if you also want to have a fun time, it’s okay, we only ask that you take good care of yourself and that if you feel uncomfortable, set limits to what does not please you or outright annoys you.

Relationships are only enjoyed when there are agreements and respect between people without necessarily having an emotional relationship of romantic love between them. It is not a requirement to share pleasure that there is a courtship or marriage. Only respect and dignity on the part of those who are involved in these relationships.

Speaking of the subject, it will also be of interest to you to know the meaning of kisses on the neck, although you surely well know that it is pure and unbridled passion. Be that as it may, never miss the opportunity to enjoy your partner.