Meaning of turning Saint Anthony upside down

Meaning of turning Saint Anthony upside down

Miracles of love are only achieved if you turn Saint Anthony upside down, discover why and its meaning

Did you know that devotees pray to Saint Anthony to find things? This saint not only finds lost things, he is also capable of finding a partner for whoever he is looking for. Many women turn to him, say their prayers and turn him on his head. Why is San Antonio turned upside down?

The tradition of putting San Antonio de Cabeza is only used in Latin America. The church for its part has never agreed to put the saint in that position since it considers that it is not part of the ecclesiastical customs.

According to the church, when a person turns Saint Anthony upside down, it is forcing him to grant him his wishes, and it should not be done, however every day there are more people who assure that only in this way, he fulfills miracles.

Turning San Antonio upside down is a Latin American tradition. Photo: Pixabay

If you are thinking of finding a mate, the devotees of San Antonio recommend that you turn it upside down to get love. In addition to making the prayer of the patron saint of sterile women, bakers, masons and people who travel.

Recurrently, these profiles can be seen in the church asking for their prayers to Saint Anthony. But continuing with the theme of finding a partner, after praying the prayer of Saint Anthony, you must leave him 13 coins of the same value. Later you must light a candle.

If putting Saint Anthony on his head is nothing more than a tradition, it is said that it is like a punishment for the saint, in fact the church says that this situation is not Christian, the parents are outraged when the parishioners turn Saint Saint on his head. Antonio.

Once you finish praying to Saint Anthony and making your requests, he is left like this on his head, until the miracle is fulfilled, once he finds you the partner, you put him back on his feet. And as a way of thanking the miracle, you can put some fresh flowers, some candles and some incense, a glass of water.

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