The importance of the paternal grandmother who is always relegated

The importance of the paternal grandmother who is always relegated

Many times the paternal grandmother remains in the background and is not part of the lives of her grandchildren like the mother’s

Grandparents are an important figure in the lives of children and for parents a great support for their upbringing. The fast-paced lifestyle, work schedule, and family burden are some of the reasons grandparents are turned to.

However, in most cases it is the maternal one who fulfills this role and the paternal grandmother is not given importance, who is almost always relegated.

The paternal grandmother is always listed as the mother of the husband and the mother-in-law, but it is never or rarely that the grandchildren spend quality time with them. In fact, this matter has been the subject of research, since some have assured that the effect of the paternal grandmother compared to the maternal one is the same and it does not have to be thought otherwise.

The importance of the paternal grandmother that is always relegated. Photo: Freepik

There is a tendency to leave children with their maternal grandmother, which has generated some conflict or jealousy on the part of the mother of the children’s father. In some cases this problem has come to affect the couple.

The mother of the children must be aware that the relationship with the mother of her husband will influence what the children think or feel towards their paternal grandmother. In the event that the relationship is not good, children may develop a certain rejection towards their grandmother, and in some cases even feel afraid of being with her.

Now, what should be done so that children have a good relationship with their paternal grandmother: The children’s relationship should not be forced towards a particular grandparent.

Children’s affection for their paternal grandmother should be allowed to occur naturally; avoid making negative comments about the paternal grandmother in the presence of the children; let the little ones set their own preferences when it comes to grandparents.

The mothers of the children should strive to have a good, sincere and respectful relationship with their mother-in-law, in this way the children will follow their example and, most importantly, plan activities that include the paternal grandmother.

It must be remembered that the paternal grandmother is no exception when it comes to supporting the upbringing of grandchildren. She can mark their development and the relationship they have with other people in the future, apart, it is also a way of strengthening the relationship with her father.

It should be borne in mind that the love that the paternal grandmother develops towards her grandchildren is as if she were giving it to her own son, now the father of her grandchildren.