Monterrey: Boy Bathes Dogs to Study and Be a Veterinarian

Monterrey: Boy Bathes Dogs to Study and Be a Veterinarian

Jonathan Oziel bathes puppies and charges 60 pesos, with the money he hopes to pay for his studies, his dream is to become a veterinarian.

Jonathan Oziel lives in Monterrey, he is 7 years old and started a small business where he bathes puppies, with the money he collects, he wants to pay for his studies and fulfill his dream of being a veterinarian and being able to continue studying.

The little one is supported by his family , who does not take away the intention of starting to earn his own money with a job dedicated to the care of the puppies; It even already has a page on Facebook where you can check its services.

"Obviously as a whole entrepreneurial family we will not take away the intention, adding that he is very excited and motivated."

The business has different prices that go from 60 pesos, when it is a small dog, 80 pesos when it is of medium size and when they are of a large breed, the service has a cost of 100 pesos.

Hello, I want to give you an important notice! Thanks to the help of each and every one of you �� Sunday 7 and 14 I no longer have …

Posted by Well bathed "WOW" on Friday, March 5, 2021

Jonathan Oziel gives them soap and flea shampoo, as well as perfume, but above all, he assures that he carries out his work with a lot of love, because he adores animals

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At 7 years old, he bathes dogs to study and become a veterinarian. Photo: Facebook

The page with more than 14 thousand "likes" has managed to reach corners like Chile, from where they greet little Jonathan, wishing him luck and encouraging him to fulfill his goal: to be a complete veterinarian.

Jonathan’s mother has said that they seek to instill in the little one the habit of saving, and she also says that they are glad that he has chosen animal care as a profession.

Jonathan’s dream and how he will make it come true by bathing puppies. Photo: Unsplash

The popularity of "Well Bathed WOW", Jonathan’s business name, is so popular that he has a list of clients waiting for them to meet them.

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"Thanks to the help of each and every one of you, Sunday 7 and 14, I no longer have any more spaces to schedule them, I would love to receive them some other day but first it is necessary to comply with my school classes," wrote the little one on the page where he attends to his clients.

If you also live in Monterrey and you want your puppy to be pampered with love, you can make an appointment with Jonathan Oziel, at number 81 2050 3529 or write to [email protected].

In addition to taking care of your pet, you can help this little one to achieve his dream of becoming a professional in what he loves the most: caring for animals.