Venge La Alegría Driver Insults Maribel Guardia Live

Venge La Alegría Driver Insults Maribel Guardia Live

The mockery was evident, the driver of Venga la Joy insults Maribel Guardia in the middle of the live program

Maribel Guardia is back in the news, this time unfortunately due to mocking comments from one of the hosts of the program "Come joy" . It is about Horacio Villalobos, who called her "of the third age", in a mocking way.

After insulting her, he did not say it but how he said it in the middle of the live program , Ricardo Caseres left him, immediately stopped him and defended Maribel Guardia. As is already well known, Horacio has always been famous for his misplaced comments.

Unfortunately now he had no qualms about making a mocking comment in front of the cameras about Maribel Guardia, who argues that she is already an elderly woman to be an adventurer.

Horacio Villalobo did not know what the note was about and was indiscreet. Photo: Special

Users on social networks showed their support for Maribel and asked her not to pay attention, and applauded the courage of Ricardo Caseres in defending the actress.

What happened is that Maribel Guardia asked Carmen Salinas to be in Aventurera, but it seems that Horacio did not really know what the note was about and immediately gave really unfortunate comments. He was harshly criticized by the followers of the Venga la Alegría program.

This was the comment that Horacio made: No matter how beautiful Maribel is, she is already a senior citizen, "said Horacio.

Faced with this comment, one of the drivers replied: "You are a beggar!".
It’s the other way around my Horacio, did you get your glasses dirty, right? "The driver Ricardo Casares said annoyed by his comment.

Casares had to explain what it was about and not the indiscretion that Horacio committed. "It is not that they are going to do Aventurera again and they are not considering Carmen Salinas," Casares explained.

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"In other words, will Maribel be in Aventurera?" Horacio asks again without understanding, to which Ricardo replies: "No, but he has the moral authority to ask for it."

Ah, I understood, it is that as anyone can be an adventurer now, "says Horacio. The comment was so out of place that deep down you hear them say:" That was strong, eh.

Caseres immediately sent the interview so that Horacio would stop saying so many unfortunate comments.

We are going to see the note on how they clean Horacio’s glasses, "the ex-driver of Ventaneando still annoyed.