Cecilia Galliano denies being a lover of Leonardo De Lozanne

Cecilia Galliano denies being a lover of Leonardo De Lozanne

While Sandra Echeverría, wife of singer Leonardo de Lozanne, recovers from covi-19, they speculate that he is seeing Cecilia Galliano, she denies it

While the actress Sandra Echeverría is recovering at home after having tested positive for covid-19, speculation began that apparently while she is resting, her husband Leonardo de Lozanne is seen with another woman.

As they pointed out, they would have seen the singer Leonardo de Lozanne with the Argentine actress Cecilia Galliano, after this scandal, the one implicated as the third in discord within this marriage came out to defend herself on social networks.

Cecilia Galliano made it clear that she is not a lover of Sandra Echeverría’s husband, that she was surprised by reporters questioning her about it and that was the reason why she decided to face a matter that not only affects her but also third parties.

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He stated that he knows the couple well, that he seemed like them but that in reality he is not close to them and it is in very bad taste that they make conjectures are evidence, they said that Leonardo de Lozanne was with Galliano at the premiere of the play ‘El perfect husband. ‘

"This video is to clarify something that bothers me because it is not right, arriving at the theater there was a lot of press that I love them and I respect them because they asked me with great respect, where they are saying on Twitter that I am the third in discord in the marriage of Leonardo de Lozanne and Sandra Echeverría ”, highlighted the actress.

Cecilia is a single woman who was married to Sebastián Rulli with whom she has a son, she is a beautiful woman, but still says she is not conflictive in character, although she has been involved in several controversies and is labeled as husband robber.

"I am single, I do not go out with married men, I am not interested in married men and I refer to the tests please do not hurt without knowing", clarified Cecilia who also said that that day it was another friend who was with her whom she loves very much .

Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozanne form a solid marriage with six years of marriage, Andrés de Lozanne Echeverría is the beautiful son they have in common, who is an adorable baby with a lot of talent, he loves cameras.

Galliano makes it clear that the tests refer to what they talk about, but for all those who are behind social networks before attacking, pointing out and judging that they are informed, that the lies do not affect them but that they want to receive everything from to free.

Sandra Echeverría, for her part, has answered some comments from those who ask her about her husband’s "relationship" with Ceci Galliano and she limited herself to answering that he has been with her all the time, so she does not know who was the person who left his house.