Iconic Model Kate Moss Turns 45

Kate Moss, Iconic Model Turns 45

Years go by for everyone except Kate Moss. The British model, at 45, shows that she is still one of the most sought-after models

Few names can compete with Kate Moss for the title of the most iconic "top model" in history. Today, one of the most popular models in the world during the 90s, one of the most repeated faces on the covers of the most prestigious magazines, turns 45, and is still very topical.

But she has not wanted to wait until her birthday to celebrate her anniversary at the China Tang restaurant in Myfair (London), the place where the model last night organized a party to which a large part of her close circle of friends attended, including they found the designer Stella McCartney or the actress Liv Tyler, in addition to her current partner Nikolai von Bismarck.

Kate Moss features are far from perfect, according to experts. She is slightly strabismus, has crooked teeth, little chest, and almost non-existent curves. In addition, their 1.70 centimeters in height are far from the measurements of the great supermodels. She would fulfill the role of the anti-supermodel, although she soon became one more and without losing her personal stamp.

Kate Moss is the most iconic model in history Photo: EFE
Kate Moss is the most iconic model in history Photo: EFE

Fashion’s most rebellious icon turns 45

Any posing of the British model, since in 1988 she first posed for the then unknown photographer David Ross, shows that 30 years working in the world of fashion is not enough time for Moss to stop shining.

Firms such as Versace boosted her fame, although the first prestigious firm that opted for her in 1999 was Calvin Klein for its perfume line, which gave her the necessary push by offering her a millionaire contract that further emphasized all her personal qualities.

And although since she began her career as a model, criticism for her physique and her lifestyle has been continuous, the "top model" has belonged, belongs and will belong, along with others such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Shiffer or Cindy Crawford, to the generation of mature models who have shown that you don’t have to be young to continue succeeding.

Fashion surrendered to Kate Moss: Ugg boots, hunters, ballerinas, tailored suits, skinny pants or leopard print have been present in women’s wardrobes around the world for a long time, something that meant that the British model to become one of the most copied women in London.

Since his first pose, in which nothing suggested that his face would define the aesthetics of the following decades, brands have shown the opposite and have demanded the image of Moss in their advertising campaigns, as is the case of Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Lauren or Louis Vuitton.

Hectic love life

Being the second best paid model in the world, after the Brazilian Gisele Bündchen, and starring in more than 300 magazine covers has meant that the British is in the center of all the media spots, with her love affairs being much commented upon.

His love life was agitated Photo: EFE
His love life was agitated Photo: EFE

Through her arms they have passed from Johnny Depp, with whom she starred in hundreds of covers due to their constant breakups and fights in the 90s, to Jefferson Hack, who made her a mother 12 years ago and with whom she lived a more mature stage.

He found stability with Jamie Hince, a member of the band The Kills, whom he married in 2011. However, it was a love that did not last forever and in 2016 they divorced. Now he shares life with Prince Otto von Bismarck’s grandson, Nikolai Von Bismarck.

Her 17-year-old daughter, Lila Moss, points to ways to become the replacement for the great Kate Moss, a legacy that will be difficult to pass on, although the brands have already laid eyes on her.