Danna Paola Publishes Photo With Neymar: He Looks Fascinated

Danna Paola Publishes Photo With Neymar: He Looks Fascinated

The always powerful Danna Paola published on her Instagram account a photo with the Brazilian soccer player Neymar to congratulate him on his birthday

Danna Paola , the protagonist of the “Elite” series, is making people talk on social networks after posting a photo on her Instagram account with Neymar , the popular soccer star.

In the photo she poses for the camera with a sensual attitude, while Neymar stares at her completely fascinated. They are apparently in a restaurant.

Although so far it has not been confirmed that they have a romance, however, the player looks fascinated by the controversial actress in the image.

Proof that she is always controversial, is this note in which we tell you about her seductive cleavage.

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Happy bday, friend. ���� ❤️

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What was the publication due to? Well, it turns out that Danna Paola used it as a pretext to congratulate Neymar on his 27th birthday.

However, to avoid all kinds of suspicions in the same post he refers to him as "friend". Could it be that I send it to the friendzone?

What is a fact is that Danna Paola is not so lost, because a footballer is always an incredible game. From the outset, although they are nothing, the flirtation between the two is obvious.

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Harry Potter is already on Netflix! And you … DID YOU SAY? #PotterHead I love you bae ❤️ @netflix

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In addition, we can assume that the Brazilian in a certain way loves Danna Paola, especially if we consider that he has repeatedly spoken out as a fan of the series in which the actress participates, who will start a very small career in the world of soap operas.

The message with which the young woman accompanied the photograph on Instagram reads like this:

"Happy bday, friend"

The post is also accompanied by a red heart and so far it has already added 821,908 “likes”.