Adriana Fonseca Lost A Baby And Couldn’t Get Pregnant

Adriana Fonseca Lost A Baby And Couldn't Get Pregnant

The actress moved away from television sets, 41-year-old Adriana Fonseca still looks beautiful, is married and still wants to have a baby

At 41, the Mexican actress Adriana Fonseca continues to be one of the favorites of the medium who stands out with her great beauty and we have seen for years in various soap operas while today she resides in Los Angeles, California.

Since 2012 Adriana Fonseca married Iker Calderón who has a solid marriage which has strengthened over the years going through adversities such as the loss of a baby one year after getting married.

Through her Instagram account, we have seen how the actress is currently, who has moved away from television sets and still has the illusion of being a mother, had an ectopic pregnancy that was discovered at a month and a half of gestation " .

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Adriana Fonseca lost a baby and has not been able to get pregnant. Photo: Instagram

When we talk about having an ectopic pregnancy, it is when the fertilized ovum has implanted outside the uterus, so this baby will not form and as with her it happened after a month and a half she suffered the loss and they performed an operation to remove it.

"After that loss we had, they also had to treat me in a certain way, cut a piece of the inside; then, I can’t do it naturally either. Really, the day I do it I have to be super careful and because of my age more ", he pointed out in an interview.

Despite what happened they have continued with the desire to become parents, something that worries them is their age since the more time passes the so-called biological clock of women can make getting a pregnancy every day represents more risk.

Like many women, she decided to freeze her eggs three years ago, this in a preventive way, with this there is the hope of being able to conceive a baby perhaps with another type of method such as a surrogacy.

Adriana Fonseca’s husband is nine years younger than her and although the baby thing is left to God’s destiny and designs, you have to think about it very well since despite her desire for years, she does not want to be the grandmother of her children.

The actress three years ago opened her YouTube channel within which she has addressed various topics from personal, beauty tips, exercise, many of the things that have helped her to look spectacular as she now looks.

Another of her passions is dance and she is dedicated to everything related to the holistic style, as a woman in trend she created her tik tok account where she shows her dancing skills and clear acting, at the moment she does not return to soap operas but continues with dozens of followers who fill her with compliments.

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