Adamari López Launches The Unstoppable Woman Challenge

Adamari López Launches The Unstoppable Woman Challenge

Adamari López is an unstoppable woman who lives life intensely after defeating cancer, now she launches a special challenge, it is about showing the unstoppable woman you most admire

A new challenge has been launched by the host and actress Adamari López, it is about showing the world who is that unstoppable woman that you admire in your life. This is an initiative to highlight that unstoppable, hard-working woman with great inner strength that drives her to do beautiful things in her life.

This challenge is about showing that woman who inspires you to be better every day, it can be your mother, a friend, a sister. It is a small tribute to those women who, with their example, lifestyle and thought, inspire many women either at home or around the world.

Adamari López surprised everyone by showing that woman who inspires her to move on in life. Telemundo will be celebrating women throughout this month of March, mainly the unstoppable woman.

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If you know one like Adamari López has done, who showed that the unstoppable woman who motivates her is her great friend Cynthia, who inspires her "to be a better human being, a better person, a better wife and a better woman."

There are women who get up every day before five in the morning to take care of the house, the children and then go to work, these women deserve all the recognition in the world, perhaps it is not a single name that drives the family because there are millions of women who are giving their best at the moment.

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Love, the desire to have a full life are the engine that move these women who at this time are always giving their all to face the challenges that life puts on them. So if you know a woman like that, it’s time to make her known as the driver and warrior of life, Adamari López, did.

The dynamic is here: Now it’s your turn! Join the challenge and tell us who your unstoppable wife is. You only have to share a photograph of your unstoppable wife on social networks with the tag #mujerimparable.

You just have to upload the photo on social networks with the tag that we mentioned and dedicate some important words that describe why that woman is unstoppable, a warrior and motivates you to be a woman who always moves forward and be better every day.