Marlene Favela Infarta De Morado And Goes Ahead To The Winter Look

Marlene Favela Infarta De Morado And Goes Ahead To The Winter Look

The 43-year-old Mexican actress is preparing to impose fashion and prepares herself with the ideal winter outfit, the purple color favors her.

She has become one of the favorite actresses on Instagram, filling with tenderness with the photos of her daughter Bella and also with her charming selfies, Marlene Favela has a heart attack in purple and is ahead of the winter look, she wants to impose fashion from now on.

She has gained countless followers, especially women who admire her and who adore her good taste in dressing, now she has surprised with a new outfit that promises to become a seasonal favorite, Marlene Favela’s heart attack in purple and she anticipates the winter look.

She looks good wearing low-cut dresses and also more covered with outfits and colors than warm ones, Marlene Favela as a diva surprises her in purple, it is one of her favorite colors and one of the most flattering to her style.

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Marlene favela
Marlene Favela is infatuated with purple and anticipates the winter look. Photo: Instagram.

George Seely’s ex once again paralyzed Instagram with one more of her outfits, she has become a true queen of fashion with the different outfits that she boasts on this social network, with which her beauty and the figure of envy that she conserves stands out. at 43 years old.

Days ago Marlene Favela surprised with the ideal look for fall, a dress in Earth tones that looked exceptional, but she has gone further and takes a step forward in the season, she is now ready for winter and its low temperatures.

They have begun to feel the cold that announce that December is near and also winter, that is why the actress of "La Gata Salvaje" has already taken out of her closet the clothes that are ideal for this cold season and her followers take a 10.

With a diva pose, walking down the street, with tight jeans, a thermal blouse-sweater, purple turtleneck and a black leather jacket, they were the ideal elements for Marlene Favela to win the praise of her fans.

But in addition, the ideal footwear for this season could not be missing, the actress put the touch to the outfit with high boots above the knees in black, wearing as accessories a pair of lenses with purple tones to match and a mini bag in the same shade.

The purple color favors Marlene Favela, being a tone that not many women dare to wear in their garments as it is one of the loudest and perhaps the most complicated to combine, but those who take risks end up loving its hue.

Her more than 4.4 thousand followers on Instagram, applauded this look of the beautiful Mexican actress, who in recent months has swept this social network, because she has been willing to share every detail of her lifestyle with users.