Paty Chapoy And Her Possible Millionaire Resignation From Tv Azteca

Paty Chapoy And Her Possible Millionaire Resignation From Tv Azteca

It is said that the content director is pressuring her to resign, find out how many millions would touch her if she resigned from Tv Azteca

Strong rumors run through the corridors of Tvazteca and the media that the star host of TvAztecva is on the black list of those who want to fire, it is said that Paty Chapoy currently earns about a million pesos a month and that if her fired they would touch about 30 million pesos.

It all began months ago when one of the directors of Tv Azteca, Alberto Ciruana, declared war on the host, and it is said that he has pressured her to resign. A source states that if they were to run or resign, she would have access to a millionaire sum like the one indicated at the beginning.

The news was uncovered by a source who says he has a close friendship with Paty Chapoy. Unfortunately, she is losing the war, and it is a fact that she will leave the television station. Paty is one of the most iconic figures of TVAzteca, and many of her projects and her success are for her, but Ciurana has already managed to unbalance her.

Paty Chapoy. Photo: Reformation.

According to statements by Chapoy’s supposed friend to an entertainment magazine, Chapoy already went to a higher level manager to explain the uncomfortable situation he is living with Ciurana, however he did not get a positive response from the executive Ricardo Salinas, arguing that he couldn’t help her.

"Pati visited him to talk to him and told him everything that Ciurana was doing to take away her prominence and get her out of the company; she also told him about everything that she had seen badly on television since he directed the content area, but the Mr. Salinas replied that unfortunately it was no longer in his hands to resolve these matters. "

It should be noted that the driver already has a whole life within the company as the owner of the "Ventaneando" program, they have already added 25 years. So many consider that the liquidation that would happen to him in case of being fired revolves around 30 million pesos.

Meanwhile, in social networks, users express themselves with humor about the situation that Paty Chapoy is experiencing, because they assure that long ago the best jobs were to be a biologist, teacher or another profession, and that now everyone wants to be a driver like Chapoy because supposedly he wins about a million pesos a month.

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