Laura Zapata: José Joel also treated José José badly

Laura Zapata: José Joel Also Treats José José Badly

The actress mentioned that during the play "Amar y Querer" she was able to witness the treatment that Jose Joel gave to her father

The death of The Prince of the Song gave rise to many rumors and legends both in his life and in his last days. Without a doubt, Sara Salazar, the singer’s youngest daughter, became the most hated person in Mexico by hiding the interpreter’s body from her children, as well as the way in which she "kidnapped" him in plain sight.

However, there is a person who says that Sara was not the only one who treated José José badly, since Laura Zapata assured that José Joel, the interpreter’s eldest son, did not have a good deal with the singer either . Before the cameras of Telemundo, the actress spoke about the situation that the singer was going through, when they shared credits in the play "Loving and wanting."

Zapata commented that said work was an economic failure, that it had to be canceled due to lack of public and expressed his opinion on the way in which José Joel handled things.

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Several television stations invited me to make comments when he arrived, but what happens is that since I don’t want to wear an 11-yard shirt, why? Because I shared with José in the play "Amar y Querer" then I realized things that I am not going to say, because I do not want to put myself in the eye of the hurricane

And when asked directly if José Joel treated his father badly, he mentioned:

Well, it is what I saw, what I experienced on that occasion

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Without elaborating, he mentioned

What I can say is that, if it was a circus what they did in reference to José’s death, what a shame, what a shame definitely! But hey, everyone deals with what they are

Regarding how the artist looked when he was working on the staging and what his physical condition was, Laura explained:

Not good, because I used to say, ‘what time does he drop dead?’ with the effort he was making. I thought, I think what José José has to do is rest, go to the beach, but he was taking out his son’s earrings, right?

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As her custom has become, the actress did not remain silent when asked if it was true that Marysol and José Joel wanted to go rescue him from Sarita’s clutches

Well, poor thing about my dear José and then I think it’s a lesson that he teaches us all, that we have to make things clear, so that there are no such problems, especially if you have children from different relationships.

To end all his statements, he left everyone surprised because when asked if José José was forced to work on the work, which was presented in 2014, his answer was affirmative.

Neither yes, and later, to be able to pay the money that his son owed