Baby Abandoned Inside A Suitcase, Newborn

Baby Abandoned Inside A Suitcase, Newborn

The case of the baby found inside a suitcase went viral and the police are already looking for those responsible for her abandonment

The cases of abandonment do not stop surprising everyone. Now it happened in the State of Mexico where they abandoned a newborn baby inside a suitcase.

A newborn baby was abandoned inside a suitcase in a parking lot located in the State of Mexico. the case has generated much outrage and immediately went viral.

Unfortunately, these situations are becoming constant as now it happened in Mexico where the newborn baby was found in a suitcase after she was abandoned.

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The baby was inside the suitcase and was found by the police. Photo: Secretary of Security State of Mexico

In a parking lot of a shopping center located in the municipality of Chalco, State of Mexico, authorities of the Secretary of State Security found a great surprise when they opened a suitcase that was in the place. A baby lay inside.

The police officers who found the baby inside the suitcase, heard the cry of a baby which seemed very strange to them since it came from inside a suitcase that was in the place. Upon realizing this situation, the baby was immediately transferred to the hospital for an assessment of her health.

The same authorities were the ones who denounced what happened and began with the search for those responsible who abandoned the newborn baby, and not satisfied with that, they put her in a suitcase affecting her state of health.

The baby’s case immediately went viral once she was transferred to the hospital because the abandonment of minors is one of the situations that has occurred the most in recent years but that for no reason should be the case.

Some videos and photographs have also circulated about the event where you can see the police officers taking responsibility for her to take her to the hospital after she was crying inside a suitcase.

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