Alleged Daughter Of Lady Di Would Be In Contact With Harry And William

Alleged Daughter Of Lady Di Would Be In Contact With Harry And William

This is undoubtedly surprising news since Lady Di was only pregnant twice by William and Harry who they say have contact with their sister

This 2019 marks 22 years since that tragic accident that left the memorable Princess Diana dead and the news has just emerged that she would have left a daughter who maintains communication with Harry and William.

Lady Di married Prince Charles in 1981 and the following year would have come to this world who we know as her first son William now comes to light that perhaps he had a daughter before, Sarah Spencer.

This is an issue that causes controversy since according to Globe magazine Sarah Spencer is 38 years old and would live in New Zealand and has had meetings with her brothers Willian and Harry in private.

Supposed daughter of Lady Di would be in contact with Harry and William. Photo: AP

Photos of the young woman have circulated and it is to be recognized that there is a great resemblance to Diana of Wales, but how is it that she was born that only twice she was seen pregnant and she would have been born weeks after her wedding?

One of the theories that stand out is that there is a doctor involved in this case, according to the same magazine Diana was subjected to fertilization tests and stole one of the fertilized eggs and implanted it in his wife that was how Sarah was born.

Everything seems to indicate that Princess Diana may never have known about this and it is that the supposed daughter apparently found out about her link with the royal house when she was 30 years old.

It is said that Sarah Spencer’s parents died in an accident and that she was threatened which made her go live in the UK.

It was in 2018 when apparently William and the Duchess of Cambridge apparently met Sarah in New York according to the ‘ABC’ portal, it highlights that Kate was surprised by the resemblance.

Just like Harry and his wife Meghan Markle also had a secret reunion with who is said to be his sister, this apparently was in New Zealand before she moved something that the protagonists have not talked about.

In fact, the royal house has not issued any communication whatsoever, the sources that handle the magazines that are publicizing the fact state that close people have provided them with the data.

It also stands out that Sarah Spencer has the same name as one of Lady Di’s 64-year-old sisters.

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