Chayanne Sings The Success Of His Niece Lele Pons, It Shows You

Chayanne Sings The Success Of His Niece Lele Pons, It Shows You

Few know that the influencer Lele Pons is the political niece of Chayanne who showed her support by singing his most recent hit "Se te nota"

The talented Puerto Rican Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known as Chayanne, continues to be one of the favorites of women in the musical world, who goes crazy with his rhythm to sing and dance.

Although Chayanne is absent from the stage , he surprisingly appeared on social networks singing the catchy song “Se te nota” which is originally performed by Lele Pons, his niece.

Perhaps few know but the famous Venezuelan influencer and singer Lele Pons, is Chayanne’s niece and this is because her mother is the sister of the singer’s wife Marilisa Maronesse.

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Few knew about this relationship and in fact, to acquire the popularity that Lele has today, she did not need to hang on to the fame of her in-law uncle, but the relationship is so good between families that it is a pride to applaud his successes.

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������ The beat of his niece’s catchy reggaeton is not bad at all. #guaynaa who monopolize the first places on billboards, radio stations and digital platforms. Congratulations Lele! #leleguayanaa what do you think? ����������

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"Se te nota" is the most recent song released by Lele Pons in collaboration with Guaynaa, who is a young singer of reggaeton and the Puerto Rican urban genre, "Rebota" is the song that made him popular in the world.

Chayanne in the video that circulates on social networks is seen sitting next to a piano, listening to the song "Sete nota" from a cell phone while singing and dancing with its peculiar rhythm and of course highlighting the coquetry.

At 52 years old, Chayanne shows that he is a man dedicated to his work, but also a lover of life, good nutrition and exercise, at his age he looks very good and it is his son who follows in his footsteps, they are the same.

Lele Pons is a 24-year-old girl, with more than 42 million followers on instagram alone, with a very funny humor without fear of embarrassment, she does everything, jokes, dances and of course she sings and dances very well.

She has a good relationship with her cousins, Lorenzo and Isadora, the children of Chayanne and Lela, she has been present at important events with them, that is why she is very pleased to see her uncle sing her song, she also shared it in her IG from Instagram.

Pons is a transparent Chinese but with emotional problems that have sunk her several times, recently she recorded a bit of her life and told that she suffers from OCD in addition to expressing how she realized that her father was gay whom she loves very much and support unconditionally.