Américo confesses that he was unfaithful to Karla Luna with panini and that she did it too

Américo confesses that he was unfaithful to Karla Luna with panini and that she did it too

In a new publication of Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s interview, Américo confirmed that he had been unfaithful to Karla Luna but she had also betrayed him

Américo confesses that he was unfaithful to Karla Luna with Karla Panini and she also cheated on him, Karla Panini’s now husband said that they were in a free union and that his relationship with Luna was very toxic.

Américo Garza decided to answer the accusations against him of having committed infidelity towards KarlaLuna and Karla Panini with the presenter Fabiola Martínez.

Given the controversy, Américo assures that he has videos of Karla Luna with other men in his own bed and that he had not wanted to say all this out of respect for his daughters.

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Américo confesses that he was unfaithful to Karla Luna and she also cheated on him

When they questioned him about the relationship that Américo Garza had with Fabiola Martíne z, he denied everything and said that he was only a character in the series that Karla’s family want to remove.

But it is not the only thing he said about Karla Luna’s family, as he affirmed that he does not lend to the girls because he feels that they are not safe with their maternal grandparents, or with their brothers and less with Karla Luna’s sister.

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He revealed that the maternal grandparents of Karla Luna’s daughters have a criminal record in the United States and has all the files, he also said that they had murdered the boyfriend of Karla Luna’s brother.

Américo Garza and Karla Panini sent lawsuits to some program hosts such as Angélica Palacios, who was asked to refrain from mentioning their names and to retract what they have spoken about the couple.

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Angélica Palacios assured that no one would silence her because there is freedom of expression, since after her interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante they did not look very good.

Angélica Palacios’ lawyer said that the lawsuit that Américo and Karla Panini have sent him says that the dissemination of information has been biased and invasive, that they are not journalistic work, they are only made with the purpose of inciting hatred and attacks.

The lawyer said it was a letter that asks him not to comment on either Panini or Américo, but he said that no one can prevent freedom of expression, because his life is news content, so privacy is not being invaded Nobody because it is a public issue and he stated that there is no way they can prove that they are exploiting his name and image.