Anel Noreña Ex De José José Surprises When Removing Her Wig

Anel Noreña Ex De José José Surprises When Removing Her Wig

Anel Noreña, who was José José’s wife, gave a show of self-love by removing her wig during the broadcast of the Hoy program, leaving everyone surprised

If a few days ago, Anel Noreña who was José José’s wife and is the mother of his two children gave a show of self-love by showing herself without a drop of makeup , now she has gone further and has stripped off one of the accessories she makes always look beautiful: her wig.

The actress and former model left everyone surprised, when in her desire to give a message of self-love, Anel Noreña takes off her wig and leaves everyone with their mouths open in full broadcast on Televisa’s morning program, Hoy.

The incredible event occurred when the ex-partner of El Príncipe de la Canción talked with the conductors Marisol González and Andrea Escalona , when she suddenly surprised with a message addressed to the female audience:

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Anel Noreña takes off her wig. Photo: Instagram

Sweethearts, we can get up like this, or you stay like this

While the conductors applauded this gesture and its beauty lesson, Noreña did not hesitate to share that moment on her official Instagram account with a motivating message for all her followers:

Life is teaching you to love yourself as you are! Woman, do not forget that you are worth a lot and that you must give yourself that value to EVERY MINUTE, OKAY

Throughout her participation in the morning show, José Joel and Marysol Sosa’s mother spoke about physical appearance, beauty, and self-esteem. Something that was highly applauded by all his followers, who did not hesitate to speak out about it.

"You are always so fascinating Anel, I have always believed that beauty attracts but a beautiful personality captivates", "Lady, you will always be admired and remembered as the woman who faced all the challenges that life gave you. love and respect for yours. Blessings ", and" Beautiful lady, you are a queen, you always look gorgeous ", were some of the comments from her loyal followers.

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If there is something that has characterized the actress, it is that she does not give much importance to what others say about her, since at 76 years old she appeared in the television contest Las Estrellas Bailan showing that she has a wonderful figure in a bathing suit.

Keep in mind that in her younger years, Noreña was the winner of Miss Los Angeles and Miss Mexico. The world of modeling paved the way for film and television. All this was reflected in his book Volcán Apagado, where the famous singer’s ex made harsh revelations about the private life of José José, who for years was mired in alcoholism. However, in 2018 he declared to Televisa Espectáculos that to this day he loves the late artist.