Arguments in a couple do not mean that love will end

Arguments in a couple do not mean that love will end

On many occasions, the discussions as a couple are presented as part of a crisis in the relationship but in others they announce the end of the love that they have.

Many couples come to end relationships once the arguments as a couple begin to appear. However, there are some differences between the discussions that mark the end of the relationship and those that are part of it.

Relationships in couples are accompanied by ups and downs. But sometimes couples confuse a low point in the relationship with the end, which leads them to make hasty decisions. That is why you must know how to identify when the arguments are for a reason or because the relationship is coming to an end.

When arguments appear in couples’ relationships, the two people are negatively affected, but it is necessary for them to know how to identify when these discussions are part of a relationship crisis , a bad moment, or announce the end of love. Arguments with a couple do not mean that the relationship will end.

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Couples often go through difficult times. Photo: Freepik

Arguments with a couple are almost always negative for the relationship and for people’s feelings. But they can also occur when the two people disagree for personal reasons or because love is already damaged and this affects couples. To find out, it is necessary to classify whether the discussions are due to a crisis in the relationship or because love is about to end.


When the arguments are triggered by personal interests, the habits that the couple has always had and even the actions they do, things can still be resolved since sometimes the company of the other can bother at times, but they are only bad days. It also depends a lot on the consideration of the partner. If things are constant, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.


When the arguments begin with complaints about something that happened in the past, the way they are treated in the present, or another situation in which it does not depend on oneself, things are in a dire situation. This is because claims are a way of making the couple feel bad with the sole purpose of destroying that love they have. If arguments come up this way, it’s best to step back and end the relationship.

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