Basic Tips to Stop Being the Introverted Guy

Basic Tips to Stop Being the Introverted Guy

If you are already super tired of always being the shy and introverted guy who can never fit in with a group of friends or find the love of his life, at least try these steps, they are very simple and easy to practice.

Most, if not all, guys are tremendously drawn to being outgoing, popular, and handsome, because of course, these are all the kinds of things that impress girls, but when we fail to be exactly how we dream of it, it inevitably happens. anxiety and depression, but be careful because this can lead to more serious problems.

When you are a popular boy in school, you will feel full and happy because that makes you closer to women, and then you will become someone highly valued by them, because without a doubt, neither men nor women want to be with the loser of the class, so how can you change?

The good news is that no matter how disastrous your past has been, since it does not have to condemn your future, you can change the moment you decide, it does not matter if you are 15, 20 or 30 years old, you only have to decree a change and commit to it but trying not to lose your essence.

Relax: The first thing you have to do is lower your anxiety, be positive and think that not everyone has to be the same, if you are different, that is a great advantage, there are leaders who are introverted and nothing happens, you can try fit a little more if you want but without completely losing your personality because then you are going to lose your authenticity.

Dare to be more sociable. Photo: Pexels

Do not imitate anyone: Wanting to look like the popular boy may be fine as a way of inspiration to find your own identity, but you do not have to copy everything he does, if he likes a certain sport or a hobby that does not suit you, do not copy it as is, better find something that goes better with yourself.

Do not make radical changes: You cannot arrive overnight being the popular boy you never were, changes have to take place little by little until you get out of that hole, so avoid making the mistake of arriving one day with a change totally different style because the only thing you are going to achieve is to be perceived as someone desperate with a lack of identity.

Work on being more sociable: Think of it as a way not to win friends or get girls, but as something that will bring you personal benefit in other areas, although of course, consequently that will serve you for the rest, to make friends , to conquer girls and many other things, is something that you need to do and you have to put more effort into it.