Blow to Poncho de Nigris, has been banned from the stadiums of Mexico

Blow to Poncho de Nigris, has been banned from the stadiums of Mexico

Although Poncho de Nigris was bothered by the fact that he had been banned from the stadiums in Mexico, he also said he did not feel so bad, because they asked him for so many photos that they did not even let him watch the game in peace.

This month did not start very well for Poncho de Nigris, as he was banned from all the stadiums in Mexico , which is why he will not be able to attend a live soccer match; and it is that on day one of the 2022 opening it ended, but some teams did not do very well, such is the case of Monterrey , where the artist is from.

It all started when the disciplinary commission reported that Víctor Manuel Vucetich, Rayados coach, received a financial fine for criticizing the arbitration in the post-match conference, however, to this is also added who is his technical assistant Aldo de Nigris (Brother of Poncho), who, according to the agency, made "the misuse of social networks, by not addressing with respect and prudence", which cost him financial punishment and a suspension match.

The reaction of Poncho de Nigris was immediate, and through his Twitter he expressed his discomfort, but what caught the most attention is that in his publication he used emojis of mice and bills:

What’s this ??? For a tweet. What scourges we have in football. It has always been the same since the gentlemen’s agreement that did not let Toño play in Mexico because he had left without paying a flat fee. Long live Mexico !.

Ten minutes after making this publication, the influencer and businessman learned that he had been banned from all the stadiums in Mexico where a match organized by the MX league is taking place, something that he did not take with a very good attitude, and again through his account he expressed his feelings:

They just confirmed that I was suspended from all the stadiums in Mexico, the Liga MX. I feel sad but at the same time not. They asked me for photo shit in the stadiums and I couldn’t watch the games.

The fact that Poncho de Nigris had been banned from all the stadiums in Mexico was something that he did not like a bit, and this is how he reacted minutes after his first publication to such a decision by the referees:

I cannot enter any stadium in Mexico according to the @LigaBBVAMX, where is free expression? Ball of corrupted rats. I’m going to go to the steel giant on Saturday to boo the league anthem, and if they don’t let me in I’m going home to watch it in the heated pool.

Meanwhile, Liga MX sources denied having the ability to veto and issue such sanctions, which is why they disassociated themselves from the decision attributed to their body through the statements issued by the actor from Monterrey in which It shows that he feels a deep annoyance.

It is not the first time that the influencer and businessman has been involved in controversy, so surely in the next few days the decision on the part of the Mx League will be clarified, since they assure that they did not veto it, then, it would be necessary to see from where such information came out and for what purpose it was published.