Egg and avocado mask to repair and hydrate your hair

Egg and avocado mask to repair and hydrate your hair

Take care of your hair and make this mask to repair it, restore shine and softness, we tell you how to do it and what ingredients you need

Just as you take care of your skin and your figure, you should also pay attention to the care of your hair , if it already looks dull and dry then it is time for you to make this mask that will help you repair and hydrate it so that it shines again and looks spectacular , is made with an egg and avocado base, do you dare to try it? We tell you what you need and how you should make it.

Stop bringing your hair tied up, collected because you don’t like how it looks loose since it looks battered and lifeless, better dare to show it off without fear after you apply this egg and avocado mask that is ideal for repairing and moisturizing your hair, you will love the result, because thanks to the properties of these ingredients, it returns the charm to your hair.

Do not spend your money anymore on very expensive creams or treatments to repair your hair and that later do not work, better get the elements you need to make this natural mask that will give you good results, then we will tell you what you are going to need, how is made and how it is applied, so you can love the look of your hair again.

egg face mask
Egg and avocado mask to repair and hydrate your hair. Photo: Pexels.

For this mask what you are going to need are only three ingredients, the basic ones are an egg and an avocado of regular size and cooked, in addition to that you are going to use a tablespoon of olive oil, and that’s it, with these three products it is enough So that you can repair your hair and restore its softness, shine and hydrate it, we also tell you what each product contributes to your hair.

On the one hand, the egg helps prevent dandruff, provides luminosity, leaves it soft and silky, and prevents it from getting tangled; while the avocado, thanks to the fats it contains, provides intense hydration , strengthens from root to tip and promotes hair regeneration; Finally, olive oil acts as a natural moisturizer against damaged or brittle hair , providing it with the nutrients it needs and fighting against dryness and dullness.

In addition, olive oil makes hair stronger and less brittle. Now that you know what these ingredients do to your hair, you can move on to making the mask, which is very simple and won’t take up too much of your time. In a container add the egg, the avocado without the seed and the tablespoon of olive oil.

Start stirring all the ingredients and once you have the mixture ready, then you can proceed to the application, but for that you must wet the hair and have it untangled, without containing other products such as gel or styling cream, it must be free of other elements, begin to apply the mixture throughout the hair, including the scalp.

Give light massages when you are applying the mask, since you have finished applying the entire mixture, you should leave it on for 20 minutes and then remove with plenty of warm water, make sure that nothing remains, you can take a bath to remove it completely. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty when applying the mask, you can apply it with the help of a brush, use the one you use when you paint it, that will work very well.