Five Korean Dramas To Watch This Weekend On Netflix

Five Korean Dramas To Watch This Weekend On Netflix

Korean doramas or dramas have become popular that the Netflix platform has many in its catalog, we recommend five

Known as "Doramas", Korean dramas are here to stay and many fans have adopted these series as favorites. Thanks to the Netflix platform, these productions have managed to expand and leave Korea to settle in other places such as Latin America.

Although Korean doramas or dramas can be of different genres such as comedy, suspense and action, they are generally more in the way of drama, their stars have taken off and there are several fans who admire the protagonists of each series , Netflix They have an extensive catalog of these series.

This weekend we recommend five Korean dramas, so you can discover another way to watch series, according to several experts, Korean productions are impeccably made and the stories will catch you from the first chapter , prepare the popcorn and choose one of these doramas .

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LoveAlarm. Perhaps the most popular of the dramas on the Netflix platform, it poses a world in which an application alerts people if they like someone in the neighborhood, a young woman named Kim Jojo experiences love while facing adversity.

Vincent . In this drama, Vincenzo Cassano is presented, a lawyer, who works as an advisor for the Italian mafia, long before this he was a boy named Park Joo-hyung who went to Italy after being adopted, on his journey he will get involved with a lawyer powerful.

start-up . A group of people who are involved in the world of start-ups live in the Silicon Valley of South Korea, called "Sandbox", there they seek to fulfill their dreams, demonstrating their skills, the situations that arise will make you want to finish it to see the same day.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol . This romantic drama features Goo Ra-ra, an unlucky pianist who teaches at a piano academy in a small town, the girl falls in love with a mysterious man named Sun Woo-joon.

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Meteor Garden . Shancai, a lower middle class girl, goes to Mingde University, the private school exclusively for rich people, she is determined to stand out in this elite group where she finds love.