Guardian Angels Message November 20

Guardian Angels Message November 20

Discover the message of mercy from your guardian angel for today, November 20, 2021, remember that every human being has a being of light that protects and guides them in their lives.

Guardian angel message experts share one for each zodiac sign. Discover how beings of light are always sending you a message of love, as well as important signs so that you better guide each step in your life.

Archangel Samael de ARIES: These are days of reflection, music, memories, they arrive unexpectedly, it is normal that today you feel melancholic thinking about that love from the past or about a relative who is no longer in your life.

Ángel Hamabiel de TAURO: The Christmas spirit is yet to come, something is about to be reborn in you, that special joy that the days of November and December provoke. There are beautiful surprises in your life, which have to do with love, hugs and smiles.

Messages from your guardian angel according to your sign November 20. Photo: Pixabay

Ángel Ambriel from GÉMINIS: A long distance person arrives to be at a fundamental moment in the life of your family, there is probably a birth, a pregnancy or something that changes their lives forever. Light a blue candle and ask for it to be all positive.

Ángel Muriel from CANCER: At work there is a bit of low energy, always try to protect yourself by taking a small lemon with you, that will help to repel any negativity and do not affect you. These days it is crucial to manage your energies very well, to always stay positive!

Archangel Michael of LEO: It is a moment to analyze what you want in your present and in your short-term future, life is measured in goals, in some personal objectives. Do not forget to live with children, siblings and parents. Always remember that your root is very important.

Archangel Raphael of VIRGO: Singing or writing is one of the gifts you have, don’t ever give it up, it’s not about singing professionally, it’s about singing with your heart because that makes you happy. You will be amazed at what you can do when you discipline yourself.

Archangel Samael de LIBRA: In your heart there is a love that you cannot and will not be able to forget a person you loved too much, stay with the good, let go of every detail that can transform this memory into something negative. Just follow life that it has many beautiful things in your path.

Ángel Azrael from ESCORPIO: Never give up, things that have degrees of difficulty will always be worth it. These days you will find new friendships, you will renew yourself in various aspects of your life, the changes will be magnificent for you.

Ángel Zadquiel de SAGITARIO: Let no one tell you crazy if you already want to put the Christmas pine at home, long live that beautiful spirit that you have in your heart at this time that you know is of great importance for the family union.

Ángel Cassiel from CAPRICORN: If you go out, do not leave anything connected to the electricity, try to leave everything in order whenever you leave the house, it is very important that you avoid accidents these days. Focus well on taking good care of yourself and yours with a lot of love and patience.

Ángel Uriel de AQUARIUS: Do not stay with people who only criticize others, when you leave they also do the same, they talk about you, the most prudent thing is that these days you take a few days to reflect and make new friends.

Ángel Azariel de PISCIS: Never hesitate to ask your angels, the universe, God for great things, they are all the same and when it comes to doing good, they all work the same, God is always with you, never forget that. Hug those who need it most and give that calm, a gift that you have and know that it works.