5 Things You Know About A Man In The First Kiss

5 Things You Know About A Man In The First Kiss

The first kiss is very revealing, it gives you the guideline to know if that man suits you and wants something serious, or just looking for how to hang out.

Does a kiss say more than a thousand words? The answer is yes, you must also learn to read this gesture, these are the 5 things you know about a man in the first kiss, you must be attentive to know if he suits you or it is better to run away from his side.

The first kiss is always important, according to specialists, this action is what determines the future of the relationship, so you must pay more attention to details and locate these 5 things that you know about a man in the first kiss.

Although you can lose yourself at the moment of the first kiss and forget everything, you can also enjoy the moment, but without losing the notion of what happens and everything that surrounds it, so you can locate something of the personality of this boy and you will win as a woman .

You can see: The FIRST KISS determines the future of your love relationship.

5 things you know about a man in the first kiss. Photo: Pexels.

That first kiss cannot go unnoticed, it will give you the guideline to know if that man suits you or not, do not take it so lightly, enjoy it, but pay attention to those small details, everything can be defined from that moment.

1. Your personality

With a kiss you can know a little more about his personality, depending on how he kisses, you can know if he is romantic, sweet or more rapturous, if he likes to dominate or be dominated, you just have to concentrate on the rhythm that he carries with his mouth and you will know a little more of his behavior.

2. Your hygiene

This is very important when kissing, nobody likes to kiss with a person who has bad breath, that speaks a lot about the care and hygiene that that boy has, so if he has bad breath, you will surely run out of his presence.

3. The experience

In a kiss you can know how long that man has not kissed or been in front of a girl or if he is a Don Juan in the conquest, if you notice that he is an expert, do not feel shy, it will all be a matter of practice, teach you the rhythm of the kiss.

4. If he likes you

You must realize in a discreet way what he does when he kisses you, if his eyes are open or closed, it is uncomfortable to open his eyes in the middle of the kiss and realize that he also has them open, usually a kiss is enjoy with your eyes closed, because at that moment it’s just the two of you in the world.

5. Your true intentions

You must be very intelligent and with a single kiss to know if his intentions are good and right with you or he is only looking to spend some time with you, you must make things clear from the beginning, you will know how to set limits and put the rules in that bond.