He Is Krasovsky That Galilea Montijo Was Going To Marry

He Is Krasovsky That Galilea Montijo Was Going To Marry

One of the men who gave Galilea Montijo an engagement ring was the plastic surgeon Dr. Krasovsky with whom she ended up in 2011, the same year in which she married Fernando Reina.

One of the most beloved conductors of the Mexican artistic environment is undoubtedly Galilea Montijo , who despite having a stable marriage today, 10 years ago was about to marry Dr. Krasovsky.

Many will surely remember Dr. Krasovsky since he was the plastic surgeon of many stars and had his section in the TODAY program where he met Galilea Montijo with whom after a couple of years of dating he gave him an engagement ring.

The relationship within everything looked good, there were wedding plans but they fell apart and Galilea announced in January 2011 that her courtship with Dr. Jorge Krasovsky was taking a different course, each one in their own way but they were on good terms.

Despite the breakup, he continued to appear in the program although the tension was present, at that time he said that they had ended due to lack of time, but an alleged infidelity was also stalking Gali.

He is Dr. Krasovsky whom Galilea Montijo was going to marry. Photo: Instagram

Galilea Montijo will be married for 10 years to her husband Fernando Reina with whom she joined after just four months of dating, in a simple wedding and without giving her an engagement ring since she had had several before and apparently they were the ones that prevented her from reaching the altar.

In 2011 she ended up with Dr. Krasovsky and that same year she was marrying Fernando Reina, the father of Mateo, the first-born of the driver, her husband was divorced and she has two other children whom she adores.

Dr. Jorge Eduardo Krasovsky Santamarina is recognized as one of the best specialists in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mexico City with famous people such as Maribel Guardia.

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After leaving Televisa and having several doors closed, he was absent from television for a couple of years later, but on the television station TvAzteca, appearing on the program “Venga la Alegría” in a section dedicated to his profession.

Little is known about love about the private life of Dr. Krasovsky, before Galilea he was married and had three children, he had a strong relationship with a beautiful woman named Anita Espina and currently the direction of his love life is unknown.

The reality is that in the physical aspect if he has changed and it shows he has made arrangements or at least resorted to botox, he looks a bit different since his complexion is more robust but if his features are smoother, they say he did several changes to Gali pointing out that this was one of the reasons she was with him. Could it be?